2019 RAM 1500 deals?

I know the 2019 RAM just came out so I doubt there will be many lease deals now, but do we think there will be the same types of deals for the 2019 that we saw with 2017 and 18s? Or are the days of great RAM lease deals over? Are residuals too low on RAMs now?

It will be interesting to see what happens with truck lease deals in the coming months with the new Silverado/Sierra coming in 2019, Ranger re-entering the US market, 2019 Ram, and re-designed Tundra (I thought I heard it is coming in 2020).

I’m hoping to score a great deal on a truck in the next 6 months, so I will be watching closely.

Up until a few days ago the Lease numbers on the 19’s were absolutely atrocious. But noticed on the Edmunds forum that FCA possibly made some rate changes mid-month (very odd), probably to push out more stock. These numbers are starting to look halfway reasonable for a brand new model, if you can get them off sticker just a bit. The F-150 XL/STX (Ford pumped the numbers for this trim/April) and Colorado WT’s are still the best bang for buck trucks going this month though.

'19 Ram Supercrew
Offers effective 4/19 to 4/30
Cash Offer : $1000 rebate (32CK1)
Finance Offer: 0% APR for 36 months from Chrysler Capital.
MF 0.00124. 60% Laramie 36/10k
$1000 conquest rebate (38CKA1) 4/19 to 1/2/2019

Will also be paying very close attention to the deals on the 19s. Lease is up in 5 months or so and this one is high on the radar.

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wow. those deals are terrible. I don’t think a sub 300/mo payment is going to be possible on a decently equipped '19 RAM.

I don’t think a sub $300 payment is available n a 17 or 18 decently equipped RAM. The sub $300 deals are usually Express or lower trim levels, or they are missing Nav, 8.4" screen, 5.7L V8, 4x4, etc.

Yea, it’s going to be awhile before we get anywhere close to that, my guess is early next year for payments that are even noteworthy. But Sub $300 on anything Big Horn and above will be A LONG TIME (YEAR or Two). Ram is only pumping out Production of the Horn’s and Laramies as of now, I don’t believe we will see any budget Trims (Express) on dealer lots until late August, unless things have changed. With the current numbers, your still probably in $7-850 territory for Laramies, and $550-700 for Big Horns, not very good, though probably $100-150 lower then they were a few days ago. Due to the slashed Residuals on the '18’s, they aren’t even leasing as well as you might expect. But they do plan on producing that old model/Prior generation for the next couple of years alongside the redesign, it will be called the “Ram Classic”. The truck will be identical, with no updates outside of “Ram Classic” badging. Those models just might be the “Leasehackr” worthy trucks going forward if FCA is willing to Pad those Residuals and keep the MF’s low. Really dated design though, 2009 I believe (wow).

There’s a guy in VA offering orders for 2019 Ram 1500s at 9% below invoice. I tried to negotiate a lease on a 2018 model on their lot and the discount was strong but MF was marked way up, so it wasnt competitive.

Looks like RAM sales are down almost 13% for the year. Maybe cheap leases will come sooner for the 2019 model rather than later.

I read an article on yahoo the other day referencing how FCA just had to spend 300 million on the production line and a new plant because they are WAY behind on production of the 2019. Apparently there are some 3000 units ready to ship but are locked at the plant because of some recall or update needed before delivery. It could be something to do with the new Cummins diesel emission problems as well. Absolutely love the new 2019, sat in it at the Ft Lauderdale Auto Show a few weeks back.

I just did a national search for 2019 RAM 1500s and see that there are over 12k sitting on dealer lots waiting to be sold. Sounds like a glut to me. Perhaps overproduction?

Wow good to know. Sounds like a spin to mask overproduction. 13% down is very significant especially with multiple new models arriving in 2019 and 2020. FCA may be thinking major discounts if they can’t move metal in the second half of this year.

Unless cars.com is only showing inventory that is expected to arrive on lots and not actually there yet. Only some of the listing included actual pictures.

I also did a search for 2017 and 2018 1500s and it shows over 54k on lots. That seems like an insane number, if accurate. How the hell is FCA not pushing more incentives to move these lizards off the lots?

Not Retail Sales, they just posted their best month ever. They are down overall, solely because of Fleet Sales. The '19 production line is running basically 24 hours a day, they can’t keep up. It’s gonna cost them some market share for sure, but they are moving these '19’s very swiftly. As posted above, I wish they would run some “Out of this world” sales on the 18’s (Mucho stock across the country), but they simply can’t afford it, stock holders would have their heads.

Interesting. Well, I guess it will be a long wait until deals become available on ‘19 leases. Thanks for the info.

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW I CAN GET A GOOD DEAL ON A FULL SIZE REGULAR CAB?gmc preferably but i’ll take the horns if need be.

First obstacle is actually finding one, non-fleet equipped Regular cabs are unicorns. Most dealers don’t even stock them in our area. If your fine with a Fleet Truck, usually in white, you should be able to find plenty of stock. Talk to your local dealers Fleet manager is your best bet. I will say, that body style tends not to lease as well as Crew/long cabs, typically they have a lower Residual Value by 1-5%.

54k doesn’t seem like that many to me. They sold like 500k Rams last year. Obviously there are dealers that don’t have their vehicles, or all of them, on cars.com, but I would guess that there is around 60 days supply, which is what the industry shoots for, on the lot.

Hi. I am ending a lease in late July, 2018. Today is June 27th. I have been shopping around for a 2019 Ram Laramie in Chicago. I found one with level 2 package, fully loaded, 12” Uconnect screen, dual pane sunroof, leather seats, nav, etc.
MSRP: $60,345. Sale price $51,745. Initially quoted 10K/yr, 0 down, 36 mo, $630/mo.
Residual:56%. MF: .00098
I now have an offer of 12K/yr, 2K down(includes tax, title, fees, and 1st payment), at $587/mo. End of month deals are this Sat. Does this sound like a good deal, or should I wait until July. I cannot find many vehicles in this trim without the 4020/40
Front bench seat. Almost all of the other Laramie’s only have the 8” screen, and very few with dual pane sunroof. Thanks for any advice!

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I don’t think that is a great deal considering it’s nearly double what I pay for a 2018 52k f150 with 15k miles a yr

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