2019 QX60 Luxe (MSRP of $46795) $250/mo, $0 DAS except $1200 MSD, 39/10k in SoCal



Anyone replicated this deal in Metro Atlanta area?


Don’t know if we all got it from the same dealer or not. One deal was closed over 10 days ago though, so it looks like there won’t be any issue.


@BiggL and I confirmed from different dealers that all 3 (Conquest, Loyalty, VPP) stack in SoCal. I signed a deal last week that had all 3 stack.


This is great. I wish Volvo would do this too.


At least Volvo had competitor’s pull-ahead, which is very rare too.


Yeah, it was one time thing. But they don’t have any conquest for a long time now.


if IFS would let you lease trade out of it without strings, I’d just get one at that payment for fun and swap out after a few months but ya know…


Holy Moly … You have any idea how bombarded everyone offering Infiniti will get with newbies asking CAN YOU MATCH THIS DEAL HERE ???
In all seriousness, this is a sick deal. Should be gone in the next few hours. No idea how it has sold in 12 hrs


It’s the deal I got. I am not selling it.


COngrats but I thought you were offering salesperson information cause they had 1 or 2 more to give away…


Congrats! 20


“why does socal get the best deals?”

Then @nyclife or @aronchi lists one…

“why does NY get the best deals?”


You can understand how screwed I am being from the land down under :joy: i get both of those of places on my pm.


For loyalty, does the first car need to be registered to the same person that the new car will be registered to? Or is household (ie address) good enough?


I am not positive, but loyalty for Infiniti is very selective. People do not qualify just by having an Infiniti in their name. You need to have received a code from Infiniti.


does anyone know if this deal is possible in TN? Don’t seem to see alot of deals in TN…:frowning:


@Jon thank you for the referral. signed a 48k Luxe for $325 (tax included) with zero drive off and 1400 MSD .12k miles with only vpp and conquest.


Sounds alittle bit more than it should have been, but still a good deal. Congrats and enjoy.


Wow! I’d gladly give up my Benz for this deal!
Though really how many people already have an Infiniti and one of the competitor brands in their garage. Not many, I’d wager.


You don’t have to give up your car for a conquest rebate.