2019 QX60 Luxe (MSRP of $46795) $250/mo, $0 DAS except $1200 MSD, 39/10k in SoCal


First off, you will NOT get this monthly payment if you don’t qualify for all 3 rebates totaling $4500.

Inventory is pretty much gone on the Pure trim, so salesman worked this up on a Luxe trim. Inventory is also running low on the lower MSRP Luxe trim, so might be hard to replicate. If you qualify for all these incentives and want to close tomorrow, PM me. If you need to wait til next month, PM me next week. No, I am not a broker or consultant. I do not charge for the salesman’s contact info. PLEASE ONLY email the salesman and DO NOT call the store.

MSRP: $46795
Selling Price: $38422
Monthly Payment: $250 including 7.75% tax
Cash Due at Signing: $0, except 4 MSDs
MSD: $1200 (4 MSDs)
Incentives: VPP, Conquest, Loyalty - $1500 each

Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: Buyrate of .00042, .00002 after MSDs
Residual: 57%

Region: OC in SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 16.1

2019 QX60 AWD LUXE (MSRP of $51429) $360/mo, 2400 down, No MSD, No document fees in NJ
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UPDATED : 2019 Infiniti QX60 LUX - $1k DAS - $379 / Month - $47,270 MSRP

Great deal Jon…

No, I am not a broker or consultant. I do not charge for the salesman’s contact info.

Maybe you should … just saying…


Daaaaaaamn. This is stupid cheap money for a full size luxury SUV. Nicely done!


Can you explain what those rebates are please?


VPP - if you work for a company that has a business relationship with Nissan/Infiniti.

Conquest - If you have an Acura, Audi, Cadillac, GM, Honda, Lexus, MB, Toyota or Volvo.

Loyalty - If you currently lease an Infiniti AND were selected to receive a loyalty code from Infiniti.

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A friend of mine had a Sienna that just got totaled. Does Infiniti require current ownership, or would a copy of the registration or an insurance ID card cover qualifying? How is the amount of the MSDs calculated?


I think copy of registration is good enough. I thought for IFS, MSD was calculated by pre-MSD monthly rounded up to the next $50, but finance guy calculated it to be post-MSD monthly rounded up. I’ll give an update if the contract is rejected and I need to re-sign.


this is a helluva deal. curious what features your new qx60 has?


I bet you cannot have both Conquest and Loyalty, even if you qualify :slight_smile:


I was able to stack all 3 incentives.

Edit: Do you mean having those 2 is an oxymoron?


how do you check for VPP?


IFS really lets you stack Conquest + Loyalty? If so, that’s a rarity.

Great deal for someone though!


Sweet! Mind me asking Which Infiniti did you have prior?


I had a Q50, which I just replaced with a Tacoma from @Cody_Carter. This QX60 deal was too good to pass up, so I got it for my in-laws.

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Nice I nabbed a Prius Prime from @Cody_Carter 7 months ago as well. I’m looking for a 7+ seater right now~ shame I don’t got loyalty haha. I heard some dealers generate the VPP for you regardless.

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Yes, and was not able to stack both on Volvo.


I’ve never seen a case where both loyalty and conquest stacked before either. This was the first time. I am not going to question the salesperson and have him disallow $1500 though. :laughing:

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As long as IFS doesn’t reject it…cross fingers + toes.


Get ready for a call from the dealer lol


Haven’t other broker/dealers said it’s allowed?