2019 Qx60- Just signed this morning- 10/30/18


Hi all,

Just signed this deal this morning. Car is registered in NJ. I have VPP but no loyalty.

2019 Infiniti QX60 AWD Pure
MSRP: $46,795
Monthly Payment: $337
Cash Due at Signing: $337(first month)
MSDs: $3200

Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 12,000
Region: Dealer in CT, live in NJ


You got raped pal…

JK man, looks like a sweet deal. Enjoy it in good health.

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Seems like a sweet deal. What part of Jersey are you in if you don’t mind me asking and do you think your dealer would be open to another similar deal?

Edit: just saw the dealer is in CT. Who is the dealer?


Did you work out the deal yourself ? or did you work through a broker ?


I will message you the dealer and contact info.


I worked it out myself. Used a ton of info from this site.


fantastic and great color. Any package with this car, like adaptive cruise control or dual sunroof?


PURE doesn’t have package options


Does a $47K car have anything on it? :slight_smile:

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Great deal! Can you message me the info as well.


Can you pm dealer info please


Maybe this


People keep bitching about how this thing is old and doesn’t have car play or Android Auto, but for this payment you can’t go wrong. Just buy a mount for your phone and call it good. 3 row luxury suv under $350, with a great motor, I call that a win!


Would you mind PMing the dealer info?


That reminds me of how they used to market the Pontiac Aztek back in the day. Show the tent hanging off the back…


You mean the Heisenberg?


It is old, doesn’t have AC, no dual pipes out the back, the Pure has nothing, the engine might be the strong point, but it’s overweight. But hey, as long as the payments are low.

OP, sorry man, no offense. Really good deal.


The pure is a surprisingly good value even without any options available. It has a decent interior with soft artificial leather, bluetooth audio, rearview camera, keyless entry, crash preventative braking, blind spot warning, power liftgate.

I got the FWD model last month ($45k+ MSRP) with VPP and loyalty for around $290 including tax with only $1750 MSD due on signing (not even the first month’s payment). I can’t think of another car in this category that is a better value. It would have been nice if it had Android auto, but my phone attached to a phone holder works just fine, especially with Google Voice assistant.


My current car has an audio jack with the 3.5mm cable plugged into my Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra. Who the hell needs Android Auto? I’m still enjoying all the best music of 2003.


I prefer CDs anyway. It’ll be the next big retro thing. You heard it here first.

Conformist Hipsters have “discovered” LPs but I’m way ahead of mainstream hipsters.

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