2019 Qx60- Just signed this morning- 10/30/18



According to many of the millenials on this board, it’s an absolute necessity :roll_eyes:


Luckily Samsung still puts a headphone jack on their phones so I can at least plug that in and keep the kids happy with Spotify.

But enough derailing this thread. Beautiful car, I’m jealous. I looked into some of the deals posted here, and with my states taxes and without VPP I would be way over $400/mo.


Great deal! Can you PE me the dealer info as well?


sending to you shortly


Your dealer contact is probably slammed with emails right about now


Very cool and beautiful SUV; didn’t know Pure comes with moonroof. What other options are on the car?


Greta deal! Please send me the dealer details!


In for the dealer info please!


What is vpp?




Ok thanks bro


Would please pm me the dealer


Can you pm the dealer you used? Thanks


Can you PM and the dealer as well?


May you please PM me the dealers info please. Very good deal and I’m very interested!


damn it… how about CA? all deals are in the east coast


I’d like the info as well. I’ve got VPP and this is exactly what I’m looking for


Please pm me the dealer’s name and phone number. What payment can I expect if I don’t have VPP.


Assuming everything else remaining constant, about $38 bucks more per month.


Do we have any So Cal dealers to match this??? Very interested.