2019 Q50 Red Sport 400 AWD. Good deal?

And you as a broker who has posted a worse deal on a Q50 is right? And others who have been quoted and signed deals with MSD are wrong? Great…enjoy!

It’s a better discount that he has posted on a Q50 RS. You already have a great price.

The car is posted is 3 grand more expensive, buddy. Just take it easy and stop acting like a know it all on this. You’re just wrong.


And you are a troll “buddy”. You are just plain upset that someone else managed to get a similar MSRP vehicle that you are peddling for a higher discount.

I’m not sure trolling you. I’m pointing out (correctly) that you’re wrong with your suggestions. Again, the red sport i have up is 3 grand more expensive


Here is the deal he posted:

Did you actually click it, or just read the top line?

You insinuated that I was spreading false information. I have got my deal signed with MSDs. Then the OP stated he didn’t want to do MSDs. End of story? No, you gotta jump in and say that “stop spreading false stories”. Now you can keep saying what you need to. I am not going to comment on this anymore

Ok but you’re wrong lol. Msds have not been doable on a q50 since last April and if you got one with msds at another time, you likely had a marked up money factor that they courteously gave you the opportunity to buy down.


I would publicly shame you by posting my deal sheet but then it’s just feeding your agenda.

OP - let me know if you need me to PM you my lease deal sheet from Infiniti Charlotte with 0.02% APR.

Moderators - please feel free to move these to landfill

Shame me, baby!

The base money factor on a q50 has been 00003 for over a year, which doesn’t allow msds. You likely had a marked up money factor, which DID allow it to be bought down. Last April, the mf was bumped to i think 00009,which allows msd.


Easy guys. We are all here to learn and share tips. I value all of your opinions and feedback.

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Dude - you successfully negotiated 16.74% off on your vehicle. You did a great job on your own. It’s better than 12-13% off that I have seen posted by some professionals here. You have all the information you need to negotiate the deal. Once you finally decide to sign the deal, post pics in the Trophy garage. If you need my deal sheet for any reference, let me know and I will PM it to you. Good luck!

Sure I wouldn’t mind taking a look at your quote for ref.

Think I will go at least one more round in negotiation. If I end up signing I will post a pic.

Learned a lot so far just from reading the forums. Even though opinions may differ, everyone on here already has a major leg up on the avg customer in terms of making an informed decision.

This is actually really good! Here in Maryland, I was offered $599/mo with 5k due at signing for a similar RS400, 39/15k. I told the manager that I also am eligible for loyalty since we have a 16’ Q50 RS in the house (was willing to give him the insurance card with my address, car information, to prove that). He looked at some “loyalty list” (never heard of that), and said it cannot be applied, since I am “not in the list for an upgrade”. I got pretty frustrated, since I know that to get a loyalty discount for any brand, you need a car of that brand registered to your address. Another thing that pissed me off, that before I was even able to drive the car, the jumped on me saying “We need to appraise your trade”, so I would know for myself if I could “afford those payments” before I get “all excited”, going off his words. I honestly gave up arguing, and let them do an appraisal for curiosity sake (which I should not have), since their manager was so anxious to look at it. Then they offered me $15k for a car that is worth at least $17.5k (low ballers!!!). He was not willing to budge on the price, neither the trade or the Q50 RS.The car that they gave me to test drive (really short drive) either had really over inflated tires or some suspension issue. It was wobbling like crazy, and I could feel it through the wheel. It would not stay in lane, I had to correct it all the time. A great lesson that I learned from all of this - DO NOT LET THEM APPRAISE THE TRADE BEFORE SETTLING ON THE NEW CAR NUMBERS. THAT IS HOW THEY MESS YOU UP, AND DISTORT THE WHOLE PICTURE.

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Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time finding a deal you are comfortable with.

Quick question for you guys. I am attempting to see if another dealer in the area will beat this quote. They have asked to see my quote sheet before making any offer. Is there any risk that they will try to derail my current offer?

Has anyone provided their quote sheet to another dealer?

Holy hell that is a fantastic deal! Like @dmitry said, in Maryland, where I also live I was being quoted around 530 a month last year. I ended up assuming a lease that I will be out of in a few months, but I wouldn’t be surprised if my numbers end up around $599/Month when I start making my first round of inquiries.

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After some delay, picked this bad boy up today. Originally got the dealer down to $431 then added a black deck lid spoiler. Final payment is $440/m with $0 down. Just had to pay 1st month, tax and fees. Pretty satisfied for my first lease.


It’s rumored that their infotainment system is being redesigned in 2021, the 2020 models will remain the same.

Good deal on an awesome whip! Enjoy your Q50 RS for the next 39 months!