2019 Q50 Red Sport 400 AWD. Good deal?

I am new to the forum and I am close to pulling the trigger on this deal. Just wanted to get some opinions on the offer I negotiated below.

2019 Infiniti Q50 RED SPORT AWD
· Premium Paint
· Splash Guards
· All Weather Package
· Cargo Package
$55,465.00 MSRP
($2,600.00) June Lease Cash
($1,500.00) June Hit & Win Dealer Cash
($5,186.00) Employee discount
$46,179.00 Cap Cost (16.74% off)

39 month lease
0.00003 money factor
54% residual
10k miles per year
$1,544.08 due at signing (includes $220.00 doc fee, $24.00 CVR fee, $16.00 title fee, $8 transfer fee, $700.00 Lease Acquisition fee)
6% sales tax
$445 payment per month (I calculated $443.48, gonna ask them to recheck)

I tried to get them to waive doc and acq fee but they said they can’t. Any feedback on the offer is most appreciated.

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See if you can do MSDs to bring down the money factor. Also, check if your employer has VPP with Infiniti and that could bring down the selling price by another $750.

The MF is basically zero already, I’m pretty sure MSDs cannot be applied.


It can be applied. The base money factor equates to a 0.07% APR and 4 MSDs bring it down to 0.02%.

Yes I offered to msd and they said it was already too low. It’s only $2.65/m. I can live with that.

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Ok then…your call. Check for VPP if you want to.

Just 1 MSD also brings it down to 0.02% APR…some captives literally don’t allow the MF to be below a certain number.

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So what do you guys think of the overall deal?

What’s your discount prior to incentives and have you compared it to other deals on this site to see what’s achievable this month?

You are right about the 1 MSD as I checked on the calculator. When I did my Infiniti deal, I used MSDs to get it to 0.02%. Anyways, the OP is ok with the difference so doesn’t matter in this case

I only tried 1 other dealer in the area so far and the best they would offer was $505/m but was for a vehicle with $58k MSRP.

Where are you located? I’d suggest reaching out to at least 3-4 more dealers to see if they can beat your current quote.

I did see 1 deal on the forum for a 2018 with very similar numbers for $450/m and +300 DAS. Only had 2 replies but feedback was a good deal.

In terms of discount, you are already better than few of the other deals posted on Q50 Red Sport. Just a word of caution though, Infiniti is most likely going to completely redesign the infotainment system in the 2020 model year. It’s probably gonna feature Apple CarPlay wirelessly like BMW. So if you are ok living with the current, arguably dated infotainment for the next 3 years, then it’s a great car otherwise

Thanks for the feedback guys. Maybe I will try 1 or 2 more dealers to compare.

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I contacted a few other dealers but still waiting to hear back. Anyone else lease a 2019 q50 red sport recently? Please details of your offer for comparison. Thanks.

No it can’t. Stop giving wrong advice

@aronchi can you give a broker opinion of the offer above?

It’s a fine price

Fine but not great? Is it in the ballpark of what you could do for a client?