2019 Porsche Macan $709 a month, 1800 down


A 4Cyl macan is terribly lame. Not because it’s 4 cyl, but because the other options in that price range are more compelling. It’s a great car but doesn’t justify the price Porsche or not.

When they first came out they had the S and the Turbo.

The 718 cayman with the 4 is sensational.


They gave me and my girl the base macan as a loaner when she brought in her cayenne turbo for warranty work, after 5 days we brought it back, thing was so slow, interior was so cheap compared to other trim levels.

By slow i mean our acura RDX would pull on it like no tomorrow. Thankfully they upgraded our loaner to a brand new panamera 4 that we got to keep for 5 weeks while air suspension was being replaced. Its a car for people that want a porsche, but dont care about anything that makes a porsche a porsche other then the badge


Can I get 19 Macan S at 12% from you?

Can you elaborate?

I don’t work w Porsche anymore —- Juice wasn’t worth the squeeze


This really isn’t true. The interior is can be made as nice or basic as you configure it regardless of whether or not it’s Base, S, Turbo, or GTS.

Even the Base Macan is a Porsche thru and thru, I’ve taken mine to the mountains, driven it hard, and had a blast in it. With options like PASM and the Air Suspension, plus having the PDK, the car is a blast to drive with a tune. Is it slow at first? Yes. But that is simply solved with a safe tune that brings the car to 300hp without issue.

You can’t go an claim “Its a car for people that want a porsche, but dont care about anything that makes a porsche a porsche other then the badge”, because if we’re being real, there is nothing significantly different between the base and any other model expect the engine and brakes, that’s it. The chassis, the handling, the interior, the exterior, all the same.

The Base is for people (perhaps like me) who already have a fast car (M3) and would like a nice, compliant daily driver SUV that is still a blast to drive. I’m so tired of the base Macan hate, especially on a forum where people chase the deal, any Macan other than the base leases like garbage. I would possibly argue the value really isn’t there on Macan’s higher than the base when you look at options like the X3 M40i.


Wait next month until you lease is done and aim for 11% off. …
The Macan isn’t as hot selling anymore and the 2020 is coming in 2 months.

Ok, sounds good! Can you get me a 19 Macan S at 11%?

X3 M40i would definitaly be a superior choice over a base macan, maybe even an S, i had a macan turbo for a year and a half, also modified with cat delete and tune, that car was a blast, quick nimble SUV, we preffered the cayenne though so got rid of the macan.

As mentioned you already have an M3, so the huge drop in speed will be very noticeable when you change between the two cars, my M3 with downpipes and an e85 tune does the same for me when i step into my 540, feels like its broken, power is a luxury, effortlessly accelerating and occasionally blasting off to feel the speed is what makes these cars great, without that its just a poser mobile that happens to handle better then most little SUVs but would not be able to out run an acura RDX in a straight line.

If you managed to convince yourself thats ok good for you, the rest of us haven’t hence all the hate.


I think it’s a superior choice in terms of speed and interior, but for driving dynamics and handling, the Macan wins easily. The choice was made harder for me because my Macan deal was as low as an X3 M40i, if it was $100-200/mo more then it would have been an obvious choice for the X3, but in my case, I was basically picking one or the other for the same price.

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just my 2 cents, Porsche is Porsche and they are not cheap. If I can afford it, Macan base will be my daily driver. But, this is out of my budget. For me, Porsche is a prestige and a badge that says, I can afford it.

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Question- 5 weeks to replace air suspension in a Cayenne Turbo? Why 5 weeks? Was it warranty?

Why do Porsche Macan lease so expensive? Do they set v low residuals or high cost of money?

No Manufacturer Incentives, Minimal Dealer Discount, High Money Factor, Deflated Residual (relative to how much they actually depreciate).


High initial price with minimal discounting. The residuals are high, but because the discounts are minimal, it doesn’t really help on the lease side.

The will discount Macan - but it seems the lease offers are not competitive with other brands? Residuals should be high and money factor should be cheaper! Lease rates all wrong compared to a Mercedes or BMW?


Yes. That’s how long it took to get parts from Germany. And they only fixed part by part to make sure they didn’t spend too much. So first lines. Then compressor. Then from shocks. Then rear shocks. Rear shocks took 22 days to come in

I don’t think people “hate” Macan , its just us who look for value in the vehicles they get, simply think they are too expensive for what they are.

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same thing happened to the e55 when it was under warranty, car was pretty much brand new and had the air suspension go bad. Loved the cayenne turbo but it’s overpriced as f*ck

I love the base macan discussion, it’s probably the most polarizing car discussed here regularly. I think it’s lame also. The Sq5 and x3m40i are far better values.


It also seems to be a conversation you frequently like to engage in on this forum.