2019 Mercedes GLS $580/month $0 DAS

Thanks to community members and brokers for sharing their deals and laying the groundwork!

Spent like 20 hours past 5~6 days and I was able to get an offer:

2019 GLS

Loaner with 8xxx miles

$84xxx MSRP

$59xxx selling price including $3000 incentive

36m/12k (Effectively 12k/yr, not including the 8xxx loaner mileage, so return@ 36k+8k=44k miles)

$580/month INCLUDING tax&fees with $580 down(1st month) + 4 MSDs

Delivered by a concierge to my house (dealer 150 miles away)

I initially contacted Paul through @dloco (Signed: 2019 Mercedes GLS 450 loaner - MSRP 83K - $658 per month (incl. tax)) but they were no longer able to honor it given they only had 1 left. I then try to find another dealer in the area to match/beat the deal. Found a dealer who had one listed with 25%+ off MSRP, I did test drive and as soon as we sat down and I asked them to not mark up on the MF, they came back saying they just took deposit while we went test drive…lol. Long story short after a few days they were able to come back and beat @dloco’s deal but I didn’t like the way they conduct business.

I was lucky to walk in this dealer over the weekend on a work trip, respect and honesty from both sides and in 20 mins they were able to get the above offer for me. I think it’s even better than @dloco’s deal by ~$3k. I have to sign in the next couple of days before I leave the region. The dealer is in a position that they have to move it out of the lot by Friday and all other dealers in 300 miles radius are at least $100~$150/month more so this is a unique situation and can’t be replicated.

My current lease is expiring in 4 weeks(thanks to someone shared a deal on Edmund Forum, $415/month 15k/yr with $0 drive-off on a brand new 5 series, 24% off MSRP). I’ve been working on X5, Q7, GLS, E class and 5 series(all 2019 models) at the same time and see which would be the best. Unfortunately the best deal comes out of the least favorite, 2019 GLS interior looks like a 2015 Tundra, and I don’t have kids yet to enjoy the 2nd/3rd row. Mostly importantly it doesn’t have any “drivers assist” options that I value.

So now I’m not sure if I should take it. Some last thing I’d try before signing is to leverage this offer with BMW/Audi to see what they can come up with. However, to match we are talking about 20~25% off MSRP, none came over 18% so far in my shopping list. Any advice on the approach to them? Thanks!

I am also waiting on a 2019 loaner E series loaded with options I want @ $72k plus MSRP, may get a killer deal just like the GLS. In this case I will be passing this deal with a LH member who is interested.


What are you actually trying to achieve? Do you want a 3 row SUV or a sedan? Let’s set aside the fact that it’s pretty disrespectful to waste everyone’s time involved to get a deal on a vehicle you don’t want, and consider for a minute why a mercedes dealer would want to eat that kind of a loss. The GLS is redesigned for 2020 and no dealer wants a 85k truck sitting on their lot with the interior of a 2015 Tundra, so they are incentivized to move it to make room for the new bodystyle. Both the X5 and Q7 are selling just fine without the need to discount 24%, not to mention that comparison is apples to oranges due to different incentives, MF, RV ect. Let’s also take into account that all the numbers you’ve worked so hard to achieve are no longer going to be valid in 5 days. Do you want it or not?


It’s a steal. Plenty of people here would pick it up in a snap if you decide to walk away.
Congrats! Enjoy beautiful ride!

Thanks for the input! That’s a good question and I think honestly I just want a premium car, doesn’t matter if it’s SUV or not. The E series does drive better especially with the options. So hopefully I get the deal I’m looking for.

Thanks also on the advise for BMW/Audi, it’s true and no reason for dealers to lose money on a model that’s selling fine. MB lease support for 2018 GLS ended before March 2019 but BMW and Audi dealers may still have ~3 more month moving the remaining 2019 models they have.

Big reason I’d like to share the deal here is to get someone to sign the deal if I pass, and I already got LH member reaching out with interest. Didn’t really waste anyone’s time as I usually start by giving the dealer what deal I want and if they can match. Will be sharing any deals I think it’s worth sharing so win-win for dealer and LH community.


Me with my Tundra like “WTF are you talking about, I’ve got way better interior!”

Anyway it surprises me how undesirable the older generation GLS is on the market with competitions coming up with sexy SUVs. They should have fired the interior designer, or did they even hire one?

Great move passing the deal to LH. Seriously you can grab it and if not liking it I’m sure someone would pay to take it over.

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For anyone who remotely cares about the driving experience, I highly highly recommend finding the right car and not closing a deal that looks good on paper.

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Like @max_g says, don’t get the car if you don’t love it. You will be stuck with it for 3 years :slight_smile:

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