2019 Mercedes C300

Not too familiar with MF but is this a decent deal?
2019 C300
MSRP $46,435
Drive off $2,186.09
MSD $4000
First two year services are included
Monthly payment (Tax included) $349.99

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How many miles? Selling price etc.? Need more info.

3 years, 36000 miles
Brand New with only 8 miles.
not sure what the selling price is but I am not planning on purchasing it.
thank you.

Selling price is crucial to a lease. Read up on leasing 101 before you lease. It’s clear you don’t know how a lease is calculated and to truly get a good deal that is key

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Its probably heavily discounted due to being a '19, but sell price & MF would help.

From a pure 1% perspective, it looks promising!

didn’t realize selling price is important. will look at my paperwork and post it.

Dude is obviously a great deal no matter how the pricing breaks down… 350/mo for a 43k Mercedes!

With $2,186 in driveoffs this actually breaks down to $411/mo on a 36/xx. Still within the 1% guideline but not quite the “$349.99/mo” as stated.

MSRP $46,435
selling price was $36,329.01
Generally my goal is to get the lease at 1% of the msrp and that was important to me, if that makes sense.
with the drive off $2186.09 and 35 payments of $350, this will cost me $401 per month
also they included two years maintenance

How did you get a deal like that- sorry i’m new to leasehackr, but im curious and want to understand because im paying a lot more for mine from last year and shopped around a lot- no other dealer was able to beat 470 with about 1k down-(49k msrp) is this a friend of yours?

So Cal deal.

not familiar with that… Southern Cali? would something similar not be possible anywhere else in the US

No, as different areas have different populations and incentives. A Benz dealer in Midwest is way more expensive as they don’t sell many cars than a competitive market like central NJ.

you mind letting us know what dealer that was at? That’s a fabulous deal

Basically its the 20% off MSRP that helped him out :slight_smile:

57% residual? (at least thats what i calculated)

Good deal, enjoi it! :slight_smile:

Which dealer was the quote/deal from in socal?

I got this locally from Mercedes Benz of Encino.
Very helpful. thank you for all the great comments.
Dion 818-720-3542
Mercedes Benz Of Encino

How do you get a deal like that? I’m from NY so dealers are pretty competitive, but how do you bargain to the point where they give a car for so cheap?

Maybe it was on the lot a while, maybe @JeffM knows the GM (j/k)

Lots of reasons, but I’d also be interested in how hard he had to negotiate the price down that much