2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van - Cargo, Crew or Passenger

I just thought I would share a deal on a 2019 Benz Sprinter Van I just got in the Southern California area in case if anyone was in the market for one. Just picked up a 2019 Benz Sprinter Passenger Van, 144 version. The price was $53,533, the dealer I went to is giving $10,000 off thus it was $43,533 plus tax. 0 APR for 60 months. MBFS pays the first payment and your first payment is due in 120 days. I think its a solid deal. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.


0% on sprinters is great and the discount seems reasonable.

Interesting data point actually- thanks for sharing. What’s your plans for the sprinter? Vanlife?

That is an awesome deal! Solid vehicle! Is it possible to see your window sticker of what was included? Feel free to PM me if you dont feel comfortable publicly posting it!

I will take a picture of the window sticker and post it tomorrow. It is on the lower end side. You can easily make these $70 k with options. I drove it around today - Great van but feels cloudy and unstable at 65 MPH or higher. I believe it is normal for a van that’s over 10 feet tall.

My primary purpose of the purchase is to have a large van for my staff to pick up and drop off miscellaneous business related stuff but also have some thing where I can have a group of friends go to the grand canyon or the bay area with. The cargo version is about 7-9 k less if you really just want the car for cargo.

I was also able to get the 5 year, 100 k warranty for $1050 instead of the $2495 they wanted to charge me.

Overall i’m happy, $10,000 off, MBFS pays another $815 for my first payment, thus $10,815 off, zero apr which is another $8,000 off and we get section 179 tax deductions.


Section 179 on a lease. God bless America. So does the leasing company also take the same depreciation ?

Read the post. This isn’t a lease.

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$53k MSRP suggests this is not the 4x4 model right? Nice deal.

Good point. But turns out 179 is also avail on leases according to some web sites.

Hi congrats on the sprinter, Would be awesome if you post window sticker. Would like to see your spec

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Recently closed on a sprinter 2500 144. 43k sticker, bought for about 8k off. My particular dealer is blowing out a lot of demo 19’s 3500 and 4500. High roof and 170 long wheel base. 10-15k off but for purchase. 0%. 90 days deferred.

Do you mind posting which dealer?

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