2019 Mercedes Benz GLC 350e need help

This is first quote I got from the dealership.
Without rebates, roughly only 6% from msrp were discounted($54844)
I’m aiming under $480 1st payment DAS and $0 MSD but I have no experience at negotiating a new car.
Could you guys help me out with this deal? What should I do first?
Any helps appreciated.

I’m in NJ btw. 6.625% sales tax rate

You’re not going to get it for $480 a mon.

A Benz for $480 with just 1st payment there will be a lot more of them in the streets then what you see today.

Here’s a recent GLC 350e. Solidly south of this. Likely can’t replicate, but gives you some data to work with.

Not a 350, but here’s a GLC 300 in the private transfers section that might interest you…

Thanks! I reviewed their deals and I’m having a hard time for different MSRP and MSDs. But i think aiming for less than 500 is reasonable i guess?

It’s definitely gonna be hard to get there with no MSDs. I would see if you qualify for fleet incentive and/or can register the car under a business name,that would get you closer, The car have $2,000 and you get another $4460 in lease cash (given that the programs are the same in NJ as in the western region)

Is aiming for 12% MSRP discount reasonable for 2019 model year?

Yeah you should be able to get there, but again it’s a different region so not sure what’s the program like. I know employee deals are like 12.25% off so you can always ask your sales person for one haha (don’t do that) joking or am I not ;).

Thank you a lot!
12% off before any incentives and rebates right?

Sorry for the late reply. I would think it’s 12% all inclusive.

That seems to be a pretty fair price. I live in NJ and I’m paying $615/mo for my GLC350e. That includes the oil changes and stuff MB requires you to do during the lease. You can PM me if you want my salesperson’s information. He’s a client of mine and gives me and my referrals cars at the lowest possible price.

I am looking for either GLC300 or GLE350. Lease transfer works better as there will be no down payments, and I might get a better monthly premium. Do you know anyone in NJ who is interested in transferring their lease? Or, if you can suggest some places where I can get the best deals?