2019 McLaren 720S Performance Coupe - 44 months, 5K miles / year, $1975 / month + taxes, $38K down

Hello All,

I’m looking to transfer lease of my like new, no stories, 2019 McLaren 720S Coupe.

MSRP $348,350

Performance spec, Azores Orange exterior, Orange & black (Scoria grey) alcantara + leather interior, 10 spoke super lightweight forged stealth wheels. Full spec sheet attached.

My lease contract:
5K miles a year
47 months term
$42K down
$1975 a month + taxes as applicable.
Lease start: End of June 2019
Residual value: $193,748 (56% of $345,980 - car was punched, hence the lower MSRP calculated by Ally)
Effective APR: 3.99%
Excess miles charged at $1 per mile.
I havent found out the buy out price, will do so in a week.

Current lease state:
Starting miles: 101
Current miles: ~1250
Miles remaining: ~18,433 (~420 miles a month)
Payments remaining: 44. Will pay for Sep-Oct also, that makes months remaining to be 43.

My usage:
This is effectively my only car (other than my wife’s car). It is my daily driver (15-20 miles a day).

Lease transfer + $38K cash.

Please PM me for any further details.


Awesome car. I’d get this if only the seatbelts weren’t orange. Good luck with the transfer.


I’d be down if there was no cash payment! :grin:


I’m sure he’d have a list of people ready to take it over if that was the case… lol.

Doesn’t seem like a bad deal compared to what I’ve seen other McLaren leases at.
Pics? Also, you should probably throw this on some exotics classifieds as well

Under %1 effective. :sunglasses:


Added pics in first post.

What’s the resale on this thing? Cost of addtl miles?


I’d be all over this if only it could fit the sofa I’d be sleeping on.


Don’t mind me, I’m just here to see some pics!


awesome… would this possibly be the highest MSRP car offered here on LH?

Sweet ride, but I wish it had room for my daughters car seat.

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Obviously this isn’t realistic for 99.99% of people here, but when you think about it, effectively paying around 2800 a month for such an incredible car that would be well over 4000 a month if financed at 0% for 72 months (NEVER HAPPENING) with a similar down payment is actually a great deal!

On another note I always had a feeling that those jerks at the apple store were ripping people off on screen replacements. McLaren will sell me two big panes of the stuff for around 4 grand!

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Not to mention the insane depreciation that mclarens have. This probably is the better buy vs financing or as a cash purchase in terms of lifetime cost.

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This is actually a pretty great deal on a 720S. Surprised. I thought these things would never even come close to a “1% rule”



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Agree, $130k for the next 3 years and 8 months.

When we’re empty nesting, something like this is on my hit list.

Not a commuter car = no interest from me. :wink:


Let’s see if anyone’s a true hackr!
Someone hack a hack!!!
That would definitely be in the be Trophy Garage.