2019 McLaren 720S Performance Coupe - 44 months, 5K miles / year, $1975 / month + taxes, $38K down

would take months, exotic car dealers have some of the best customer service but making deals like these is very hard, low supply high demand kinda thing, It’s got me curious, I’ll take a shot and see what I find.

I won’t say high demand but relative to supply, I know that some of these companies keep supply artificially low to generate high prices. Ferrari did this for years and I believe they finally came around with mass producing cars last decade or so only.

One of the owners of my company drives one of these - same color - to work every day. Why? Because what’s the point of having the car if you don’t intend to drive it?

I was cracking a joke in reference to another thread about “commuter cars” and how it’s really impossible to define what a “commuter car” is. Your boss proves my point. :wink:

My understanding is that McLarens tend to be pretty livable, as super cars go.

When it isn’t in the shop…

Oh, really? That blows. One more reason to stick w/ Porsches, I guess. :slight_smile:

Although I also imagine that, for the few who can afford a McLaren, that’s not the only car they have lying around. :wink:

correct, that’s what I was articulating.

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McLaren’s are ok, less problems than lamborghini, that car is made like humpty dumpty after he fell off the wall, everything breaks. Ferrari’s have their own issues. These are purpose built street legal race cars for all intents and purposes and racecars only last X laps around the track before everything is essentially dismantled and inspected and put back together, it’s basically a show car if you dont take it to the track or drag strip, I’m not gonna say anything about rallies cause most of the stuff done on the highway is super illegal but at least car is getting used to its full potential.

Porsche is the gold standard for reliability but looks so bland as previously said in my landfill post, which is where this convo will be going soon!

Added some more details in the original post.
This is my daily driver. Residual Value updated.

Wow. Jags and Alfa’s have 3-year RVs in the 40s, and this Mclaren has a 4-year RV at 56%? Just wow. Great deal OP! Best of luck with the transfer.

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Given the real world RV of these is like 35% after 4 years, can tell Mclaren is really inflating it to get people in top cars.

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so you were the first owner of the car
(now is a pre owned )
you got the car 3 months and 1250 miles

and now you want to get out with $4k lost from $42 k to $38 k of your down payment

i dont think is realistic , people can get almost the same new deal for a brand new car at the dealer

but anyway , good luck


Which is why I got the Audi R8- even has the anchor for the child car seat.

How are you coming up with 35% after 4 years? That’s definitely not (going to be) true at all.

It’s more closer to 50%. The 720 will hold its value a little better than the previous super series car. 720 is set for another dip as the 7XXLT will be debuting soon.

Just my thought based on the MP4-12C. A 2014 MP4 with like 15k is going for $115k asking, dealer trade is probably like $85-90k. Given the sticker on those was like $265k+ before options seems after 5 years looking at around roughly 30-35% value depending on the options.

Same thing with the 650S spider. MSRP with options pushing $290-300k, yet dozens for sale at $140, so probably put in on trade at $120-130k.

But that’s just my view and how I came up with a “real world” residual. Nothing accurate or based on any auction data, so take it with a grain of salt. :slight_smile:

Can’t compare 12c as that was their first mainstream road car, and it had a ton of issues. A 16 650s spyder right now retail is prob high 140-150s for one optioned right and normal miles.

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I think you may have a taker in LA. @rav1up