2019 MBZ S560 Sedan

Just leased a 2019 MBZ S560 RWD Sedan with MSRP of $124,285, and, after discounts and incentives, the Cap Cost was $111,460. Features include: Premium 1 Package, AMG Line Exterior, Warmth and Comfort Package, Drivers Assistance Package, 20" , 5-spoke AMG Wheels, Heads Up Display, $3,995 Cashmere Mango Matte paint, Burmester Surround Sound, Rear Memory and Power Outboard Seats, Comfort Box and wheel locks. Dealer deducted $12,900 from price. = Money factor on 36 mo. 15K/miles/yr was .000124, Total Drive off (no was $3,092. Pre-tax lease was $1,750 with no MSDs. Deal was from House of Imports in Orange County, CA
Found out if you have a trade, the dealer told me MBZ financial limites
trade-in or other sources of down payment (oncl. cash) to 25% of the negotiated selling amount. Downpayments like this are subject to sales tax as you’re “buying” a percentage of the car.

That’s stupid expensive for a normal S class. That’s like S63 money.

In addition, I think the dealer was lying about MB limiting the down payment. I’ve literally never heard of that before. Of course down payments are subject to sales tax, but so are monthly payments. It works out to be the same in the end tax wise…Dealer is pulling very fishy shit to say the least.


Congrats and enjoy the new ride !

s63 is like 2k but look at his msrp 125k, a “base” s63 is about 150k.

I’ve seen S63’s for under $2k before and if you’re already spending that kind of money, who case about an extra $100/mo? The MSRP of the car is normal, but the payment is expensive and is basically S63 money. A Normal S560 should be under $1350-1400.


Went to three other dealers and shopped one a buddy uses. Tooks this deal because House of Imports (Buena Park) was willing to use the low(est) Money Factor, with a reasonably low drive off. I’m sure come June, 2019, these cars can be had for less. For the better deals in the LA area, Keyes European in Van Nuys is the place to go for steep discounts. They sell 500-600 cars per month. The only thing is…you have to take what they have in inventory (they had 110 S560s in stock). They hate to dealer trade and basically tell you to go fish if you want to place an order and wait for 9+ weeks. They didn’t have the Cashmere Mango Matte with the interior I wanted, but were willing to take off $15K from one that had an MSRP of $122K. This new car was an impulse buy / Christmas Present for my wife…who had to have the Matte white with a Porcelain/Black Nappa interior…I better get more than a lump of coal in my “stocking”.

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Curious why you didn’t use any MSD

I mean at that point when you get in the 120k+ range it’s based on what the customer wants, a similarly optioned s63 might be 185k and a carry a monthly of $2300, you never know. By the way a maxed s63 is not that far off from an s65’s monthly so why stop at the s63 (even though its faster) just go for the top of the line $250k car lol. He lives near LA anyway the 63 is only noticeably faster from a dig to 60 and 65 to 150 mph pulls neither of which he will probably be able to do in LA traffic.

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My point is that he overpaid for the car, pure and simple. He paid S63 money for an S560. That’s all I’m going to say.

What’s worse though, not only is the dealership making a ton of money off of him, but they’re also lying to him about sales tax and MBFS requirements. I’m sure that they lied/mislead him in a lot of other areas as well, so I can’t even blame him for overpaying if a dealer is using shady tactics.

probably, and im not disagreeing that he overpaid but whats the old saying? oh yeah its “more money than brains,” but the amg’s lease terrible in general, my parents leased one 4-5 years back and it was $2200 a month, sticker was close to 200k and they paid roughly 2k at signing that was with no msd’s (they had no idea what those were back then). That deal was a steal compared to what op got tbh, most often the dealers discount sales price and add back in useless stuff as well as jack up the mf.

10% off on an S-Class in California is nothing to complain about, especially for a walk-in customer.

Bumping the MF is the only reason I could see them wanting to limit down payment (so they make more money on the larger monthly payment).

Congrats on the car, your wife will love it!

Yup, S63 money.

AMG leases are absolutely the worst lol can never forget how when i got a quote for a C63 coupe lease the total amount to lease came out to $10k over what the MSRP was of the car haha

I think 10% is pretty good for a 2019. ~$1300 payments seem to be a good S450 amount. Plus this is Rwd. AWD have much better residuals, and the S560 residual is much less than the S450. Adding MSDs probably would’ve shaved another $100/mo? Not exactly terrible for a $120K car with those negatives mentioned above imo.

Or you can slap a fake AMG badge on it :rofl:


Two things had a noticible influence on my lease.

  1. 15K miles/year you’re assigned
  2. 45% residual

But it’s for his wife and if this earns him more brownie points then it’s worth it,right? To him at least.

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OP post pics of the car!


Beautiful car, as long as you are happy with the deal and can afford those payments that’s all that matters.