2019 MBZ S560 Sedan



Happy wife worth more than the small difference between speculated (dated?) assumptions by others who haven’t shopped 2019 prices. S560s went up $2K alone. Prime rate has gone up, AND my wife drives a lot (will probably hit 15,000 miles in 9-10 months. For those who postulate on how much the dealer crucified me, go lease the same car with the same conditions, this month, then post on this forum you got an identical car for $1300 with zero drive off.


Are those your cars in the background of your profile pic. Benz looks sweet.


looked at your bio and at least you’re a hellcat owner, you planning on doing any mods? I’m close to 900hp and it still seems like not enough. (charger hc) Also are you getting the redeye or regular engine?


Got the '19 Challenger HC/Widebody in Plum Crazy in late Oct after waiting 9 weeks (from date of order). Awesome power, now that I’m over 500 miles, but, way too much for the Pirelli All-Weather PZeros. YouTube Channel guys say the Nitto NR05s (?) will hook up much better. I can see myself adding those, but, doubt if I’ll do any engine mods. Congrats on pushing your car to 900 HP. How long have you had it?
The S560 I got was to molify my wife…she wasn’t happy when I “surprised” her with “our” new car last month. Now, she can care less. Hah!


Well said. Anyone whose shopped for a S class recently would be surprised; These days 1300 a month will get you a very nicely equipped s450. A friend of mine was able to get a basic 101k MSRP s450 (also from house of imports) 36/10k at 1170/month 9.5% tax-in with only 1st month, acq, registration due at signing. Lease protection and prepaid maintenance were rolled in. The atrocious residuals set by MBFS on the s560 kills the possibility of any type of “deal.” You could’ve done a bit better with MSDs but I think you did alright. In the end you got the spec that you wanted and there is value to that. Congrats, It’s a very nice car :+1:


haha gotcha, yeah the r is a radial tire as im sure you know and its best application is the track, it has big issues on surface streets especially if it decides to rain, the pirelli’s are for all intents and purposes garbage, mickey Thompson and nitto are the go to for hellcat power but even they spin a bit, I did light mods and a tune to mine as it’s leased and im probably stuck with the 900 because I have no plan to buy it, pcp is a crazy sharp looking color unfortunately I went the other way with flamboyant and had to have the go mango, not sure if you have the stripe package or not but the carbon fiber pattern makes these cars really standout.


Yinzer…in my bio pic, the red car in the background is a 2005 Ford GT (151 original miles) the orange car in the foreground is my 2015 ZO6 Corvette with ZO7 option package (15 original miles). Someday they’ll be worth more than I paid, maybe a lot more…we’ll see :wink:


That’s a real AMG badge…:shushing_face:


Nice cars especially the GT which is already a collector car. For the Vette I’d rather drive it and enjoy it. To actually make any money, you’ll need them to beat 7% compounded annual returns (doubling every 10 years or so)


Good Morning Lease Hackr Members, I would like to thank you guys for all the valuable information here on this forum. This is my first post! :slight_smile:

A few months ago I ordered a 134k, 2019 S560 Sedan and it will show up to the dealer in the next few days. I was requesting guidance to see how this car can be aquired for no more than 1600 a month for 36 months, 10 k miles and just the drive off that would be around $2000. Currently for the month of December the MF is 0.00123 with a weak 48% residual for the 36 months/10k.

From my math they would have to give the car to me for around 110,000 (which is 17% off MSRP) to get to that payment which sounds like a very large capital cost reduction.

Any advice and guidance would be much appreciated. Thank you.


Definitely suggest doing MSDs to get the MF as low as possible. I’ll leave it up to more knowledgeable folks regarding the odds of getting 17% off MSRP on a custom order