2019 MB GLS exec demo - good lease deal

Good afternoon hackr’s hope you and your families are well and safe.

2019 MB GLS ( fairly loaded )
BLACK / Beige
$83k MSRP
Discounted to $61k
5k Miles
$685 per month ( including 8% tax )
12k Miles per year
$1400 total out of pocket drive off ( including 1st month dealer fees, dmv x-fer plates etc )
Scheduled A - B - C Maintenance NOT included ( $738 per month included maint. )

TY HACKR community … stay safe

LMK if I should sign :slight_smile:

Please input these numbers into a LH Calc link and attach in the post. What you have leaves out a lot of info like residual value, etc. Hard to evaluate without all the numbers.

You are also paying $53 more a month for a maintenance plan and over the course of 3 years, close to 2k. If you look at what actually is done for the plan, you are essentially just getting oil changes and fluids/filters.

Take this to an independent Mercedes mechanic and he can do these service intervals for much cheaper.

Please consider posting calculator link. Also consider MSD as a money saver.

I would never even consider the maintenance. An independent shop will cost a lot less than that monthly :peanuts: for oil changes and tire rotations.

You should make a few modifications before signing, but it’s a solid solid start.

Edit: just saw NY. My bad. Forget MSD.

Have you seen the night and day difference between the 2020 and the 2019? It’s no contest not even worth getting a 2019 no matter the deal.

Methinks this is highly subjective and not at all a universal proclamation.

What if you could lease a 2019 GLS for $25 a month? Would you stand by this sentiment?


Agreed but that is not even possible. I stand by my statement about this particular car.

His deal is tagged with NY, so MSDs are not an option. The discount is good for a demo but given its the old model, I would push for the same monthly with maintenance included.

According to his post it would add $53 a month.

You’re in the old interior but if you don’t mind missing out on the redesign of the ‘20 (which is pretty insane) then solid discount. That’s about all one can say without knowing the MF/RV. Get that info from Edmunds if you want this deal broken down properly.

As for PPM, the GLS goes for around $1,600. Residualized it should run you ~$22/month so there’s some mark up on that add on.

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TY for the info and advice …

Really 5k/yr? Seems like allot of car and payment for only 5k/yr

It is a lot of car for the payment. It’s a MB backed program to get rid of A LOT of exec demo and loaner 2019 GLS’ … especially since the major redesigned 2020’s are fully stocked now on dealer lots.

Don’t assume the dealer is giving you a good deal because they told you that, they seem to be trying to hose you on the maintenance and I’m curious what the MF is. Edmunds shows $3k dealer cash last month so you need to confirm this months number.

I just uploaded the screenshot of the offer. TY in advance for any advice.

I just uploaded the screenshot of the offer. TY in advance for any advice.

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