2019 Mazda CX-5 GT plus Premium Package

I received the following quote:
2019 CX-5 CT with Premium Package
MSRP: $34,365
MF: .00160
Res: 58%
Rebate: $500
36 month / 12K
$999 down
Document Fee- $349 Transfer- $99
They didn’t provide Sales price and fee information which I am waiting to hear back on. Located Milwaukee/Chicago area.

Monthly payment of $385 plus tax

Seems a bit high to me? Also prefer to do no money down. Curious what others have paid. I was hoping for around $330 all in.
Leasehacker score: 7.3 based on what I think sales price is.

Bumping this. I recently got a lease quote for 2019 CX5 GT for $365/mo including tax in Florida.
$31,640 MSRP
$29,820 Sales prices
MF Unknown
61% residual
$490 lease cash
$750 lease loyalty
36 mo / 12k
$258 tag/title
$799 pre delivery service fee
$1,250 DAS includes first month payment

We were just quoted the same monthly rate, zero down in CT. (don’t have all the numbers in front of me right now). I thought I was high too. Where did you end up so far?

Anyone looking at the Reserve?

I will be going on on Monday and will post what kind of deal I get.

Don’t have the exact numbers with me right now, but South Florida market was brutal. Ended up using Honcker to get a good deal.

2019 CX-5 GT (no preferred package)
$2040 down
$336 (tax included)

Probably not the best deal but before Honcker the price quotes were insane

Grieco Mazda.

Let me know if anyone needs any names for recs

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Received the following quote today:
2019 CX-5 GT AWD with premium package
MSRP 34,465
Sale Price 32,825
Rebate $280
Govt Fee $164
Doc Fee $399
Cap Taxes $39.01
Acq Fee $595
Gross Cap Cost $34,002.01
Residual: 63%
MF .00139
Zero down with first payment due of $434 located in Wisconsin
Thoughts? Any areas I can work on to lower my monthly payment?
Leasehacker score of 6.7 but that monthly payment is $444 (not sure what I am missing)

Any help much appreciated.

I got the 2019 CX-5 GT Premium Machine Gray for 397 per month for 36/10k.
Price is all in (dmv etc).
You can do better. I got a 13% discount

Definitely can do better, for this price I would go with outback.

Thanks for the information. I believe Mazda is offering a $500 rebate on the CX-5 and I see only a $280 rebate on my deal. I am countering with a sales price of $30,500 or 12% discount which would lower my payment to around $364. Does this seem reasonable? Original info is below.

Chase is offering a $750 rebate if you’re a customer with them, no thanks to the outback, the Mazda is a nice car, the outback is a just the cheapest awd car you can get. I doubt that anyone that likes a Mazda could tolerate a Subaru

Cheap must be subjective. There are 36k dollar Outbacks out there.

Yeah and $30k crosstek’s with 152hp, blows my mind.


I just don’t think the value proposition is there. We’re in this position because people keep buying far more car than they need and never negotiate the price.

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When you say Chase, are you referring to banking, credit card or either?

I think any, I have mortgage with them and got the offer

I like to get way more car than I need and paying close to nothing!

Thanks, I’ll see if that applies to me too. I have a chase credit card.

Regarding the chase $750 rebate, I was told by dealer that it is limited to if you received the promotion in the mail. Is this true?

I just showed my current registration and that was enough.