2019 Manheim Auction Results


2-7-2019 SoCal Fontana Results

2-7-2019 Riverside Highline Results

2-6-2019 Anaheim Results

2-5-2019 Riverside Results

1-29-2019 New England Results

1-15-2019 New England Results

UPDATED Jan 3rd - SOCAL - Manheim Auction Results





2017 HYUNDAI SANTA FE FWD SE SILVER S 6 GAS A 4X2 A CD HT C 22,933 $17,750

6 months to go on my lease and already $3k below end of lease residual. Thanks for posting these.


Jealous of whoever’s picking up that free Ferrari 360.


Can someone please pull up the auction sold price for a 2016 BMW X5 that was sold at Manheim riverside or SoCal at the end of 2018? I think it was in December. The vin number is 5UXKT0C53G0S78620. Thank you so much!!!


Is there a way to find out, how much this vehicle was sold for?
Vin: knagm4ad9g5095003


Can you get info on the following: date sold, price, condition? WUARU98E47N904059

Thank you in advance…


Thank you for posting!

Anyone know when 2/18 auction results will be available? Looking for sold price on VIN SCFLDCFP8EGJ00502

Thank you!


Any more recent auction results available?


Does the post sale price include the Manheim auction fees?. Thank you.


Say what you will about Nissan quality, but looking at the Fontana one - someone managed to eek out 350,000 miles on a 2013 Juke and 604,000 on a '93 Pathfinder. Impressive. (or stupid, one of the two)


Stranger things have happened…
Like the million mile Elantra



@cali Seriously- thank you for posting. I really love looking through those.


Can someone run a VIN for me? In transit to my local dealer who mentioned they just got it at auction (hopefully manheim and not something local) curious what they paid to help price negations :slight_smile:


Best search by year make model miles color


No, gross # both buyer and seller pay fees


For sale by select lux cars for $108,000 on Manheim OVE. No matching sales in MMR


Thanks! I was looking at this car and was hoping I could figure out how much the dealer paid for it - carfax said it was bought at an auction in Southern CA so thought I might get lucky!


Might have been adesa, I don’t have a login anymore for them.