2019 Manheim Auction Results


Great!. Thank you.


Would appreciate it if someone can look up the sold price for this Vin


Thank you!


I just turned in an 2017 Equinox with 11k miles. I’m really curious as to what it sold for at the latest Manheim Orlando West Colonial Drive Auction. Does anyone have access to this report by chance?


Can anyone refer a broker? Looking to pick something up from auction


Looking for help finding a 2016-present Subaru WRX for my son. Can someone help with recent prices and also recommendations of a dealer to help with the auctions in NY (for a fee of course)? Thank you in advance!


Hate to be a party pooper but Manheim has hammered members for sharing post sales reports. Banning to start, suing after repeated dissemination. Our firm handled one of the cases. Be careful.


Bummer, won’t be expecting many updates on this post then.


This thread should be closed and hidden for LH forum’s sake. Shouldn’t be here in the first place, obviously.


If anyone can PM the results for vin# 5UXKR0C5XG0P22199… wondering what it went for… thanks.


Will the march april results be posted on here?


Use your restored powers :grin:


Why do I always have to be the bad guy? :thinking:


Quick, download before its nixed!


Downloaded all, thanks LH! :sunglasses:


That’s funny!


I’ve been looking for the same;)