2019 Lexus RX350 F Sport AWD $515 a Month $400 Down


Hello hackers, I’m currently negotiating a lease on the following. Can you please rate this deal? Going to go in tomorrow.

2019 Lexus RX350 F-Sport AWD
Terms: 27 months / 10k Miles
MSRP: $62,129
Discounts: $8,086.50 13%
Selling Price: $54,042.80
Incentives: $6,000
Money Factor: 0.00001
Residual: 59%
Doc Prep Fee:$85.00
Acquisition Fee: $795
Gov. Taxes: $654.08
Total Cap Cost: $56,217.33
DAS: $1,400

Net Cap $49,332.33

Monthly payment: $470.32 plus tax, so $515.00

Down/Cash Cap Reduction:$885
1st payment $515.00

Region: Southern California 90022

I know Lexus is pushing 27 month leases right now, but for the 3rd year, you are going to have to pay about $600 in registration fees for three months of use.

@Emgomez You are replacing your current RX350 FSport with another one? I just replaced mine with an XC90, but kinda regret it now.

Why the 885 cash down? Also, does your incentive include the 750 loyalty cash? You may also want to try to negotiate on the 2020 fsport, the residual value is high and if the dealership is willing to play ball you could probably get away with 540/month with a much nicer infotainment center that is more functional and cleaner. The android auto and apple CarPlay + surround view is amazing. The trackpads is usuable now as well.

I am! You helped me out last time. Best deal so far from same delearship. Cerritos said they could match anything, yet he said go with Keys because it was a great deal. I also have a $1k incentive from Terranea hotel in Southern CA. So I figure get a good deal in 2 years.

Incentive includes $750. Total of $6k plus a $1k from Terranea Hotel for using a Lexus for 3 hours. So now I’m at $400 down and $515 a month.

I understand Lexus let’s you extend the lease for up 6 months? Does anyone know if they give you additional mileage?

I know Audi offered additional miles when extending. I would think Lexus would do the same.

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They don’t have in triple beam F Sports in stock at this time. I’m fine with 27 months for $515. I will be at $477 if I put $1400 down.

When you extend your Lexus lease, the miles are prorated from your original lease term. So if you extend 6 months in a 10k miles per year. You would get another 5k miles.

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You mean another 5k miles for those 6 months.

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Hehe it’s been a long day :slight_smile:

What do you regret about the Volvo? I was going to consider one with all the great deals posted here. I didn’t like the center console and I think you need Super Unleaded.

I’m looking to sign a deal this month.

Currently have QX60, looking to replace it.

Like the XC90 as top choice so far, but this deal seems cheaper than XC90 deals.

Curious to also hear XC90 vs RX350 Info.

Rear view and 360degrees cameras are much better implemented on the RX. I also don’t like the main console for everything on the XC90. The XC90 also had squeaks and rattles coming off the lot. Only real advantage I like about the XC90 is the usable 3rd row and interior space.

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@Jon what is your overall thought of this deal?

I haven’t shopped a Lexus recently, but 13% is usually the top that you can get on a new Lexus. The rest of the numbers (ie RV/MF/incentives), you have no control over. Have you priced out a 2020? Maybe the programs are better, even with a slightly less discount.

I agree with Jon. I tried so hard last year and 13% is the best i was able to get from Keyes. They are one of the most aggressive so i doubt you will be able to beat that. That being said i don’t like Keyes so i ended up getting mine from another dealership.

They tried to play hardball on a 2020 today so my wife and I walked away. As we were getting in the car he said he would do 12% I said no thanks. He then agreed to 13%. He said on 2020 they only do 11%. Payment went from $536 to $490

Man… I would take that in a heartbeat hah. The 2020 is so much better than the 2019! What is the breakdown of the 2020 you are being quoted?

Based on reading I assume it’s a 2020 fsport 55k price? Is it dynamic or performance? Make sure you have the 12.3 nav with 360 surround, it is worth it.