2019 Land Rover Discovery

First time looking at a lease here, and wanted some thoughts.

2019 Land Rover Discovery - Loaner car with a couple thousand miles
MSRP: $66,437
Adjusted Price: $51,962
33 months @ 10k miles per year

$488 per month all in and no up front payments.

I don’t have any of the other numbers, but $488 seems like a good deal to me considering the price of the vehicle and no money up front.

If thats real you better take that ASAP.

That sounds too good to be true, though.

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The specials that they were advertising was $389 per month plus Taxes/fees/title for a 19 loaner discovery SE , but the two cars in the special were already sold, so they put this together for me. Car gets to the dealer tomorrow, so I’m going to go pick it up then.

This doesnt seem possible, but I truly hope it is for your benefit.

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haha I guess we will find out tomorrow when it comes down to the final paperwork! I ultimately wanted the HSE, but the price made it too hard to pass up the SE…hopefully I don’t regret not getting the HSE. Here’s the ad for $389!

I really hope you get it.

That sounds impossible but I hope you get it.

Those looks like Disco Sport Numbers



I am very excited for you :slight_smile:

I love being wrong when it results in something like this!

This is a phenomenal deal! Congrats…

Wow. That’s insane.

Post pics when you get it!

How did it work out??? @mps925

Tried googling it and all I get is MSRP 37K + 3K down! wicked deal!

Got the deal!

No kidding!? Well done! Can you share the contract without your information?

Excellent work.

I’ve verified, it’s legit.

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So happy I was wrong. That is fantastic news. Congrats guys!



Congrats again! Best deal ever seen on one. Super pumped for you!

Congrats! more pictures, one does not do this deal justice!