2019 Land Rover Discovery

@Bostoncarconcierge, do you know of any details when it comes to leasing loaners from Land Rover? Is there any residual adjustment, mileage cutoff for leasing/incentives, etc?

@ethanrs has much more expertise

Also I called this dealer. I’m blown away by the losses they’re taking on these. They’re super kind. Will ship anywhere etc…

Folks need to step up and grab these once in a lifetime deals

Thank you to @mps925 for sharing w the community

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whoa this looks nuts

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Sorry I just bought all 6 of them.


:sweat_smile: a lot of their vehicles sadly get titled before they offer them for sale… Need to convince them not to do that

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Evoques also look pretty good! If someone wants a base car.

Yep! Took all 6. Chase doesnt allow lease transfers either. One for each day of the week.

And I grabbed one for @nyclife too since he’s been looking.


I have a month left on my Genesis G80 Lease and would seriously consider pulling the trigger on the LR Discovery right away.

So do it. Who is stopping you?

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It literally takes less than 5 minutes to figure it out. They have 3 Disco HSE advertised at 20% off, right @Bostoncarconcierge? :slight_smile:

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Devil went down to…

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Stop cluttering up the post by begging for dealer info. PM op directly


Figured it out. Reached out to the dealer already. In a holding pattern right now.

How much you offer 489? I’ll offer 490 :slight_smile: haha jk

I’m shocked at the amount they are willing to lose, insane deal for any hackr in the market.

Loaners are easy with JLR, it’s an additional $2,500 incentive and a .30c per mile penalty over 3,000 miles if I remember correctly. No weird residual adjustments.

We don’t have loaners at my store (only onsite enterprise) and use our allotment of demo punches on aged new inventory to throw out an attractive lease special.


That’s good to know, thank you! Is it $2500 for loaners of any model, or is that specific to the discovery?

Would have been all over this if chase allowed lease transfers lol

Any loaner.

Just got this quote on a 19 SE loaner with 5k miles…awful.

Just an update on another good deal. My friend wasn’t able to replicate the deal I got locally, but he was traveling to the Carolinas for Christmas, and picked up a loaner 2019 Discovery HSE From Raleigh for $552 per month sign and drive

Just throwing this out there for people who are still looking

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