2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited lease - need help working deal



Hi All,

I have been shopping around and finally got a dealer to reply to my specific requests for their best selling price before incentives/rebates, MF, residual for a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited with an MSRP of 40,777.

This is the worksheet I got, and it looks pretty bad. I think the discount from MSRP is pretty good (13%), but it seems like they are giving a poor MF and including some aftermarkets into the cap cost.

I’ve asked them to explain how they got this number, but now they want me to come in to discuss further… Any thoughts on how I can beat this down? I am in VA, and for some reason they included the taxes into the payment as well(VA taxes are due at signing I think).



Where are you located?

You can get a Grand Cherokee Limited for that price.

I understand that’s a high MSRP Cherokee, that payment is too high.

You can pickup a Cherokee limited sub $350/month, but closer to $300 in some states.


I’m in VA, in DC suburbs.

I agree that the payment is too high, anywhere I can work to chip away and bring it down?


What is the $1445 in aftermarkets to start?


I have been looking (CT) as well - the numbers are not so hot. $43k msrp on a LTD, I’m getting $459 for 36/12 with 1st month down. I believe the Honcker #'s were a touch better.


They wouldnt answer that via email, they suggested I come in person to negotiate further…


That means go find another dealer to me.


The dealer replied what the $1445 in aftermarkets are “This is the freight of the car, but since this is only a worksheet, it appears as aftermarkets”

That seems fishy…


Yeh it’s a lie.

I’d shop elsewhere.

I know @Jrouleau426 has some great Jeep connects in neighboring states.

May be worth hiring him?


@Jrouleau426 posted somewhere that he stopped working with jeep dealers, I believe.

OP, does honcker work in your area?


Honckr does work here, but the surprisingly the selection is very limited. They dont have Jeep (basically only hyundai, mazda, and nissan).


Huh. Jeep is the most plentiful on honcker for me (NJ).


Here is another offer I got, seems much better (even if there are fewer options on the car, but I can live with that).
Does this seem like a fair deal? MF from Edmunds was quoted at 0.00001, but here it is 0.0043- Something I can negotiate?


Much more reasonable.

Car has $3000 lower MSRP as well.


Of course it seems much better… it is a different vehicle with a lower MSRP. I noticed that the first column is missing compared to the one you first posted… you know, the one with the stock # on it. This is still a piss poor deal. The MF jumped from 0.00031 to 0.00043. How does that happen? The amount due at signing has also increased significantly. What is your sales tax rate?


can anyone in here tell me what the current dealer incentives are on the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee LImited X, and the MF and Residual (if there is Res established yet)? I went to a Jeep dealer today in NYC and built a car that priced out at $49,435 MSRP. I checked on Honcker and they show that build at $439/month with $2,800 DAS (39 month/12k miles a year). Does this sound like a ‘reasonable or good’ deal? If not, how can I best negotiate it down? Thank you in advance


This is from a different dealer, on a different car, so the MSRP and stock number are not the same as first quote…

I asked the dealer about why the MF is so high, waiting to hear back on that. Amount due at signing is because in Virginia we pay taxes/fees up front at signing. So the due at signing is the VA taxes with first month. Tax rate is 4.2%

Other than the MF, why is this a bad deal?


Should not have said piss-poor. Other than the MF and the residual (which is horrible but nothing can be done about that), I still think you can get the selling price down another 2% - 3%. Have you checked other sources to see what others are paying? An MF buy rate of 0.00001 is fantastic if you can get it.


I got another quote from another dealer using Chrysler financing and the residual was the same, 53%, but their MF was 0.00031, which is better, but still not the 0.00001 that was given to me from the Edmunds forum. Is that even negotiable?


Hit up MD dealers their doc fee for one is $300 max and they are extremely competitive.