2019 Jaguar F-PACE 25t Prestige (Demo) $532/mo

I’ve been looking for a deal on an F-PACE for a little while and this deal isn’t great but it’s not :poop: either. Definitely plenty more that can probably be negotiated, but for a fairly loaded F-PACE it could be worth the effort.

2019 Jaguar F-PACE 25t Prestige (Demo)

**MSRP: $59,680
**Selling Price: $46,982
**Monthly Payment: $532
**Down Payment: $3,500 (I wouldn’t put anything down)

**Annual Miles: 10,000
**Months: 36

What region is this deal in? Lease Cash? Money factor?

Atlanta area.

The dealership just had a few details online so I’m not sure about lease cash or MF.

Good deal, I’d reduce down to pure drive offs or only first months payment and let the monthly go up a tad.

There’s still lots of meat on the bones there. You should aim for 18-20% off MSRP before incentives; it can be done but it just takes some legwork on finding one on someone’s lot for a while. Plenty of F-Pace loaners out there for the picking.

I just signed an XE loaner at a dealership by me in the NE and I can ask them what numbers on a demo F-Pace look like if you would want…

Was it jaguar of north haven?

It was not, although they were in the race :wink:

Do you mind sharing the dealership info where you got yours?

I plan too once I take delivery this coming Saturday and I get the salesmans ok to put his name up here too!

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@David_Stern I saw my deal at JLR South Atlanta

Any chance you can check out what the F-Pace Premium w/ Nav would be? Sounds like you have a good dealer!

Any update?

Here you go!

Jaguar XE Update