2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L (Drive Off DAS and $385/month with tax)

Sorry to break up the BMW love fest. This board has changed quite a lot since 3 years ago when I last leased…

2019 Honda Odyssey EX-L:
MSRP: $38,055
Price Negotiated: $33,000
Monthly Payment: $385 (tax included)
Drive-Off Amount: $1,100
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00079
Residual: 57
Incentives: ???
Region: Northern California

Obviously, not a hack. Honda Odysseys rarely, if ever, are. Just a solid deal that took way too much effort. Thought this might be helpful for the other 2 or 3 guys not buying a Bimmer and looking for something reliable to haul the kids around in.

We also sold them our previous Odyssey (lease was up this month). The RV was $20,300. We sold it to the dealership for $22,500 and took a check home for the difference.


Would you mind sharing the dealer? My parents are in NorCal and in the market to replace their lemon pacifica

I love oddies! I rave about my ‘03 with 208k miles with no real repairs done. Fam drove all those miles. Still going!


I talked to everyone from San Jose to East Bay to Vacaville to Auburn. The only ones willing to put their money where their mouth is was Roseville Honda. Have them talk to Amir.

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Our 05 Touring has 235k. I absolutely love it. Engine mounts this weekend…I bleed for it.

Nice deal OP!! The 19’s will be on blowout sale now that the awful 9AT has been banished on all trim levels.

You’d think but there are still a good 30-40 19s out there in the Bay Area on they aren’t doing any factory deals on them. A good friend is the owner of a Honda dealership in the area and they told me that this dealership took a $3k loss to do this deal. My friend could only do about $34,900 to sell at $0 profit.

Well they conveniently live in Roseville, so that’s perfect. Thanks

Perfect. They should definitely talk to Amir then.

Wow! Really nice deal OP. Agreed on the Oddie love, we love ours and I no longer have door dings from the kids on my car😀

Any one for Odyssey deal in Roseville or Nor Ca. please post as I am planning to get one soon