Texas - Honda Odyssey - Sales Tax Credits are back

Just leased 2019 Honda Odyssey - EX-L in Houston Area with sales tax credit. That’s the best i could get with the color requirement in and around 100-125 miles.
Sales Tax Credit available for 2020 Odyssey too. But MF is not that great.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
MSRP: $ 38605
Dealer Add-ons: Tint, Wheel Locks, Nitro Fill and Paint and Interior Protector $ 1392 (I bet these would be only 50% of true cost)
Selling Price: $34530 (Paid $0 for Add-ons)
Sales Tax: 0% (Texas state buyers/leasers pay 6.25% of selling price)
Monthly Payment: $ 420.00
Drive-Off Amount: $0, 1st payment of $420
Annual Mileage:12,000
Incentives: NA
Region: TX

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Are you saying you think the actual cost for that stuff is ~$2800?

No… True cost of the listed items will be less than 50% of price quoted. ( Less than $600)

Try again.

10-15% if they have to farm the tint out.

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Gotcha. Yah, I’d expect true cost on that stuff to be way less than that. I’m sure they’re not putting high end tint on, and the other stuff is super cheap

So was this a good deal?
I am trying to figure this out.
It’s been extremely difficult to get numbers from Honda dealers in DFW and Oklahoma over email.
A dealer here as offered me $485 and another $450, supposedly with only first payment as drive off.
It’s for the 2020 Odyssey EX-L.

Are you getting sales tax credit? Mine was at $400 with tax credit of 0% for 2019. So not a bad deal for 2020. Also 2020 MF was bit higher than 2019.

This was with the tax credit but the dealer was saying it’s not actually 0% but around 1-1.5% which seemed suspicious to me as both Infiniti and BMW have done 0% when sales tax credits were offered.

Usually tax credits are 0% or 5%. So you would be charged 0 or 1.25%.