2019 Highlander SE V6 AWD my 1st lease is this a good deal?

The calculator is close but not exact. The miles are 18,000 per year. $4,000 down, with also $1300 residual trade in, plus $750 rebate. Monthly payment is $295.01 plus $23 gap insurance, $25 wear/tear insurance so a total of $343.01. I live in NH no taxes

Pre-tax Monthly Payment: $254

Monthly Payment with Tax: $254

Drive-Off: $5,939

  • First Month Payment: $254
  • Down Payment: $5,300
  • Upfront Fees: $385
  • Upfront Taxes: $0

Disposition Fee: $350

Post-Sale Rebate: $750

Total Lease Cost: $14,432

Leasehackr Score: 8.9 years

Don’t put $5,300 down on a lease.

How many months? If 36:

You’re paying over $800 for GAP and $900 for wear and tear.

You’re paying for a yacht or two for the salesman. This is clearly awful and you’re wondering if it is a good deal?

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es, the lease is for 36 month for 18,000 miles per year. You are correct on the GAP and Wear and tear. The drive off is $4,000 cash, $1300 trade in, $750 rebate. Can you suggest something else?

I have never leased before, what would you suggest. Is there a way to negotiate with dealership, and come back with an offer?

Yes. You respond by saying “here is my offer:”

And please don’t out that much money down. All you’re doing is risking it if something happens to the vehicle.

@Bostoncarconcierge is your man.

Put $0 down, find GAP elsewhere (local credit unions often sell affordable coverage even if you don’t finance the car with them, or check with your auto insurer) and skip the wear and tear.

You’re looking at $500 a month for a Highlander, which seems high, but maybe it makes sense with the rest of the numbers that you didn’t include (MSRP, dealer discount, term, RV, MF).

Your total lease cost isn’t $14,432. It’s ($343*36) + $5,300 + $350 = $17,998

If you are in NH, I can help you get a much better deal right now. Just let me know my friend.

I am more than happy to help.

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MSRP $42,574 minus $5000 for a Cap Cost of $37574, plus $385 (paperwork), Total price $37959. Net trade $1300, rebate $750. Program miles $18,000 miles I drive to Logan Airport for work from NH. The MF is .000560 (1.34%). With $3,000 down monthly payment is $324.18, With $4,000 payment is $295.01. Plus as the gap insurance $23 and $25 wear/tear. The wear and tear I considered as I drive a lot highway daily. I called my credit union and my insurance and waiting for call backs. I appreciate all you advise. This is new to me, but I can’t afford buying the car outright.

Would love to chat!!

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Sure! Give me a ring if you can

Number is in previous post

Zero down. People keep pointing this out earlier in this thread. Putting anything down to lower payments is smoke and mirrors.

Eh…just use @Bostoncarconcierge


Maybe it’s time people avoided leasing Toyota’s until they stop gouging their customers on GAP

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I pay $40/yr through my auto insurance

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I recall some people saying none of the insurers they contacted offered it. Might be a state-by-state thing

I know Geico doesn’t and maybe USAA?

Regardless, the point is that TFS doesn’t include GAP while pretty much everyone else does. And allows their dealers to gouge their customers.

You don’t expect the dealers to ACTUALLY make money selling CARS do you? LOL:crazy_face: