2019 GLE 43 AMG 4MATIC Coupe Lease

Searching on behalf of my mother, who has never leased a vehicle herself. She is looking at a 2019 GLE 43 AMG 4MATIC Coupe in Texas.

From what I’ve seen, the MSRP is $80,775, $995 of which is the destination charge. The invoice appears to estimate at $75,591 and figure dealer holdback is about 1-3%. She intends to secure it, but I’ve told her to ask for $76,000 and 39 months. I would suggest lower, but I figure it might be dismissed as too low.

Is this a fair offer? What monthly amount should she target, as term doesn’t matter, but one hopes to get the most for their money (as in lowest payment w/o anything down. A potential total loss can equal waste of a downpayment. Credit is above 750.

In summary:

  • Need most reasonable capitalized cost for Texas (EPTX area)

  • Moneyfactors and residuals


This lease is going to be so incredibly ugly and expensive. Just be prepared.


On what basis? Do MB SUVs lease horribly?

MB SUVs generally aren’t the best but you can find deals. But when you combine AMG with the Coupe body style…ouch. This lease is going to be easily north of $1k a month. I’d say maybe $1300-$1400, which gets you a $100k+ S-Class. And you’re in Texas where you ppay the full tax, making this an even more terrible idea. And you’re in El Paso where I’m guessing the closest next Benz dealer is in Albuquerque, so no competition.

Ah, I figured as much. Good to know I wasn’t particularly imagining that scenario.

I have to wonder if tacking off money from the MSRP, is still viable? With a 1-3% holdback (guessed), I estimate them earning $5,991.75 to $7,607 on this unit. I wouldn’t think asking for $4-5k off would be too much? Thank you.

even if you get the 4-5k off, it doesn’t matter.

as everyone said, these cars don’t lease well. what that means is the RV will be low, MF will be high, and there won’t be much in terms of extra rebates or incentives from the manufacturers.

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You may want to post a question in the Edmunds forums to determine what the RV and MF is for this specific vehicle in the vehicle’s registered zip code. The RV will be fixed but you will then need to get the dealer to pass along the buy rate for the MF (that Edmunds will provide).

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I think you can get $6-8k off if you take one off the lot. The lease is still going to be $1,300/mo or more with that discount.

I have a GLE63S Coupe Demo that i am taking 15K off. Payments will still be 1.5K+

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Interesting, I sent my mother solo to meet with saleswoman, suggesting to push for $76-77k.

MSRP is $80,775, invoice $75,591. The vehicle just arrived at MB dealer on Monday and I saw it yesterday (back of dealer), which is unfortunately the only official MB dealer here since 1979 :(.

Wow, where and how? That’s something else!

Financing through trusted local CU she considered, but I warned her not to buy/finance an MB over long term maintenance concerns.

So in suggesting a lease to her for this, it seems rather hopeless, unless other lease-friendly brands are given consideration. She is not flexible with choice and has made up her mind.

I have, just forgot to mention over there the mileage interval.

You’re sort of focusing on things that are just noise. Holdback…invoice…all of that stuff is mostly irrelevant in my view relative to leasing. If anything, they are data points to help triangulate around what a realistic discount might be, but at the end of the day supply and demand, the dealership (volume vs. smaller/local) and your ability to canvas for the best deal will determine what you get.

If this is a lease, as others have noted, you need to go on the Edmunds forums, get the residual, money factor and any incentives available based on your location and from there you can start figuring out roughly what the lease will look like. Residual value for the model is set by the bank, money factor as well though dealers can mark it up to a point. You mostly have to work within those parameters so the part you can control is how you maximize incentives/rebates and discount. You can’t have one without the other two. A big discount off of a car with a high interest rate and very low residual (sub 50%) will likely always net out worse than a small discount on a car with lower interest but a substantially higher residual.

On that note, coupes/cabs always tend have the worst residuals for body style. Then, with lux brands, the higher the trim level…especially sport variants…the worse the residual and higher the interest. So with an AMG GLE, you are in for a very ugly lease even if you get a big discount. On the flip side, the 43 line AMGs sell well and discount poorly so prepare for the worst.


Unfortunately, the choice of model is what ruins it all and she won’t budge, for something more lease friendly. My mother met with the sales manager yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) and her saleswoman, told her that the 2019 GLE 43 I looked at in the back lot on Tuesday, was already sold that morning allegedly.

She asked for $76,000 (as I told her to), on the $80,775 MSRP. I wasn’t present, so I cannot comprehend what the real deal is (whether sold or lying). They didn’t run a credit check, but based on word of mouth, they came up with figures of $2,000 down, 36/10k at $1560-$1700 a month!

I told my mother it was a nonsensical offer, considering that at Edmunds they said she can do 42/12k at $1,203 a month with fees and taxes, $0 down. MF of 0.00113 and 46% RV. I’ve said go elsewhere and get it, but IDK honestly.

I have gone with a broker out of Austin and he’s willing to do more, plus works for MB of Austin. Problem is finding a GLE 43 AMG Coupe with the Multi-Contour massage seats and soft-door closers.

It sounds like your mom has very specific wants in terms of trim, options, model etc. She should just finance the car and get what she wants. No value in leasing over 42 months and paying 54% of the cars value.

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No value? Interesting.

Ironically, my father suggested to finance through her local credit union account. I pushed for leasing, so she isn’t burdened by resale value, when switching vehicles for either next generation GLC or different brand product.

If this was a Lexus RX450h, I wouldn’t question financing it and resale.

Our 2016 740i went from $102k MSRP down to $42-45k resale, but residual was $54k. Awful.

One San Antonio area dealer, has a good match in Iridium, but ugly multispoke wheels that make it look more top heavy against 5-spokes.

We are working with a broker though and he’s almost done. Just got off phone.

Soft Door Close is extremely hard to find for that vehicle

Finished 750i yesterday, broker got 48/12k for $1,357 per month and $2k down, on well equipped $84,120 2019 GLE 43 AMG Coupe in Obsidian Black Metallic.

Sour deal?