2019 GLE 43 AMG 4MATIC Coupe Lease

Oh yeah, definitely true. Did find one though.

Ouch. I’m in Houston and leased a 2018 BMW X5M MSRP $111,999 for $1475 p/m with zero down on 36/12k and that was with ~$2k negative equity. It was always going to be a horrific deal though for a MB SUV Coupe in Texas with a very specific options list. To do the maths though you’re paying $68k to lease a $84k vehicle.

I have soft close doors too unfortunately which is probably one of the most pointless options I’ve seen on a vehicle.

Yes it’s a terrible deal, but if she wants that car and nothing else, that’s what she needs to pay. But at that point, finance it. It’s nuts to lease something for 48 months and pay more than half of the value. Absolutely nuts.

NJ area
MSRP $79,935
Selling price $74,935
Taxes up front, fees, first deposit $6,115
RV 50%
MF 0.00113 / 2.7%
Terms 36/10K
Monthly payment $1102.12


Finance the car if you’re in love with it (I bet the payment is not much different). You can lease a lot of cars for an effective payment of almost 1,300 a month. Just crazy to me someone would even contemplate spending that much on that car but to each their own.

Thanks guys we did get the 2019 GLE 43 4Matic and my dad felt it was overpriced.! She still loves it though. Thank you for all your help!