2019 Ford Fusion Energi $320/mo. Should I take it or wait for Memorial Day weekend

So lease experts, should I take it or wait until the Memorial Day weekend…

2019 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium
MSRP: $ 37590
Monthly Payment: $ 320 Tax Included
Drive-Off Amount: $ 0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10500

I also get around $2000 back from my power company and California… with that monthly would be $264 with tax included…

Why would waiting for MDW do anything?

Yeah, the whole memorial day weekend, Labor Day weekend, whatever weekend sales propaganda is silly.

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What is the discount (both pre and post incentive), RV, and MF? We cannot tell if it is a good deal or not without knowing the full details.

These Energis have terrible Residual Values. Also, the $2000 back is due to the PHEV rebates?

Not an expert, but $264/mo for a fairly luxurious car seems like a pretty good deal to me. I personally don’t see the point in waiting. While car sales might be down overall, who’s to say your car will still be available in 2 wks?

Search the forums, there was one large fusion energi thread.

The RV on these things is hilariously awful. You need to get a full breakdown including selling price and rebates.

Ford sometimes has extra extra bonus money. Last Memorial Day on the fusion energi leases it was an extra few thousand (I’d have to check my notes).

It’s a gimmick but if it were me: as long as there is inventory, I’d wait to pull the trigger until MD weekend. And Ford is the only brand I’d ever say that for.

Yes but trunk money is insane and the rent charge is low. It was over 10k several times last year.

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I went back to my notes from this month last year and there was no RCL lease cash (Just the tax credit as a noncash credit) or loyalty May 1st, then the Friday of Memorial Day weekend Ford switched it up.

The discount with incentives was nearly 12k.

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Any particular reason why you want this car? I am sure there are better options out there with some flexibility.

Thanks. That is what I’m thinking. I used to work for them and the MDW was the biggest sales/deals for them. Volvo peeps can’t think this way it’s not IKEA day. lol

Incentives on this thing have been 10-13k in my region and it’s still made for a crappy lease.

Tell me which one? medium+ size. HOV sticker for faster commute. Fully loaded. Leather seats not like BMWs. Really good gas mileage which I charge from solar. This would be my 3rd one back to back, sell me on a other car.l,


Ford is just a bit odd overall when compared to leases.

The only downside is the battery taking up half of the trunk. Otherwise, it is a great car for cruising down the highway and city driving.

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Let me ask you this $264 a month (tax included) on the almost $38K car with sign and drive is a not good lease? Just asking.

If you already have your mind made up then sign it. I was getting similar numbers last fall but was shooting for the :unicorn: :new_moon: also IMO to call this a $38k car is a little false. The sticker may say that but Ford has had $10k+ rebates on these for months and you can find one used with under 10k miles for $20k or less.

And again you haven’t posted any pertinent info so again we can’t really judge your deal.

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On some $38k cars, $250 a month is a good deal and on some $38k cars, $450 a month is a good deal. Have to run the specific numbers to know which is which.


Large HOV car definitely limits your options. My circumstances is similar to yours and i leased my third i3 in Oct ( $130/mo effective this time) . We have a GC at home when we need space though.

I had 2 CMaxes and if they still made it, or a Fusion wagon, I’d be driving that instead of an XC60.

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Wait a year or so. Ford Fusion Active (presumably a lifted wagon based the next-gen Mondeo) is rumored to be coming to the US.