2019 Exec Demo BMW 440 Gran Coupe - Help with numbers, scroll to bottom


I have a dealer quoting me 39% off MSRP of a 2018 640 GT demo with 7438 miles. They have marked up the MF to .00217 and wont budge on dropping to base rate of .00177. I have not told this dealer about $2800 in remaining lease payments yet. He’s at $688/mo with tax. 39% seems like a huge discount, is there more room on 2018 640 GT demos with miles, what could I push for? Salesman said there are 6 640 gts remaining on lot and GM wants them gone. Thank you hackrs!

MSRP 75460
Sale Price 46142 (39% discount)
Term 24 months / 10k miles
MF .00217
Residual 37157 52% before mileage penalty
Doc fee 699, DMV 411, Tax 1094
$688/month including tax
Looks like #13 is 650 - Cash due at signing?

Salesman came back with 580/mo incl tax with 3342 upfront (first month, tax, doc, bank, dmv)

Seems like a great discount the MF is more likely trying to offset that loss. Would extending the term help this deal?

Are you sure the residual is 52% for a 24mo/10k before penalty? That seems quite low.

At that sale price discount you may want to consider financing a purchase, there’s a good chance it will give you far better trade-in equity in 2 or 3 years down the road.


How much monthly is buying outright versus leasing if you could estimate, I dont have substantial capital to put down and dont want $700/mo payments

How about the whole screen, not half

Sorry I have updated, was wrong screen grab.

Is it blue?

The color of the vehicle?

Yes trying to match with auction results

Yes bluestone metallic…if it’s still indeed available from them

I havent finance a buy in such a long time, I lease because I like getting something new every 24 to 36 months.

So you don’t have substantial capital and don’t want to have $700/mo payments yet you look at a MSRP $75k car? :wink:

Financing payments and if it makes sense is very personal. With tax for the whole price and fees, 0 down you are looking at roughly $50,000 loan. Assuming 5% APR and 6 years term that translates to about $805/mo and puts your balance at about $35,000 after 2 years (like your lease). Is it worth it or not? I have no clue. There are some benefits like potential positive equity but also quite a few risks.


And I’ve decided I’m not financing this for 60 or 72 months at 800 or 700 respectively.

I have “some” capital but not enough I want to plunk down on a 2018 demo to buy I guess.

Just bringing you a different idea since 39% discount is quite rare. Regardless of how you make it that should be a great car.

Thank you, I am definately starting to really dig this car after reading reviews and watching videos and seeing some posts on here, now affordability for me, that may be another story. The 640 is really the only BMW aside from an x3, x5, 530i that size wise in the back works for my family at this time. I wish a 530i would have worked but rear leg room just a bit cramped when in laws travel with us. We have 1 carseat.

Why are u even looking at this when u can’t afford one?!
Go look at a van from honda/toyota

LOL, no disrespect here…you dont know what my monthly car budget is…I can afford a lease of a deeply discounted 2018 640 :slight_smile: got him down to 580/month on a 75k car. I’m not looking for biggest discount of a demo with over 7000 miles and wondering if 39% is the max here.

Guess I should just compare to @stellarauto deal

2018 BMW 640XI GT M SPORT 20" | $75,520 MSRP | $579 /mo + $2K DAS + TAX NOT INCLUDED