2019 Exec Demo BMW 440 Gran Coupe - Help with numbers, scroll to bottom


I think you are comparing to the same exact car, my friend.

Why is this being rolled in? Pay it off out of pocket

I’m not, was just curious to see diff in payment.
@stellarauto is this vehicle located in northern nj?

if we make a deal I will tell you
Thank you
we deliver

Cool. Just was wondering if it’s the same vehicle lol.

I read your posts and it is not the same car
there are several cars like this one
probably 12 in nj

Awesome, although looking at your build, I like it better :slight_smile:

The Edmund’s thread on rebates/mf/incentives appears to be closed, can someone confirm 3750 lease cash and 2500 loyalty for 2019 BMW GCXi in 07920? Thank you!!!

Go to BMWUSA and that info will be there under specials.

Are you sure you’re looking at the 19 thread at Edmunds and not the 18? The thread is still open…

Thank you @mp11477 it must have been the wrong thread I was looking at

An out of state Dealer quoted me as 7750 in rebates including loyalty. This dealer only giving me 6750 in rebates and they are only discounting 13% before rebates on a demo with 4228 miles. They bumped MF to .00205.
Still trying to get someone to discount 20% before rebates like you guys are getting, any suggestions? Bribe???

Maybe stick to the East Coast?

I have reached out to east coast/tri-state as well, the 440 gran coupes I want have the dynamic digital instrument cluster, not many of those out here on the east coast and the few I’ve found with the dealers wont discount anywhere near 20% pre incentive…

California dealers like @BMW_Dave rule :slight_smile:

Shipping it to NJ will negate all potential savings, IMO. It’s not like you will be saving $3k or more.

Install the cluster yourself :slight_smile:

Agreed, example was quoted around 1200 for shipping from midwest dealer, not worth it but figured I’d investigate

That is so cool but:
A. I’m not mechanically inclined, I’m lucky to change a lightbulb correctly
B. If the vehicle is leased doesnt BMW want it back the same way they leased it, wouldnt it void any warranty?
C. That is soook damn cool

Switch it back before returning.

Have a buddy that’s mechanically inclined come over + do it for you. Pay him in beer and pizza.

Drive a 19. Had one yesterday while I was in for an oil change. Blows this display away 10x. The overall tech in the 19 is lightyears ahead of the 18. Idrive keeps getting better and better.

Is it just me or Orangeman did become the new PrettyBoyAJ? :slight_smile:


Only if he returns next year looking to get out of it taking a huge loss will he be eligible. He’s on the right path though :joy:

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