2019 Dodge Challenger SXT @ $149 per month @ Huntington Beach Dodge / Ram (Did I read it wrong?)

Hi guys.
I live in AZ and was checking out an economical commuter car in SoCal. I found this ad (hopefully it will post correctly below). I read it as $149 a month, 36-months, 10k annually, and $0 DAS.

I inquired with the dealership on whether or not I qualified for the deal since I’m out of state. A sales person replied and shared that if I wanted the $149 a month I would have to expect an additional $150-$200 a month to cover all of the fees. I have this in an email should I need to share.

Did I read this all wrong? I’m 50 and have LOT’s of experience in purchasing / leasing cars…however…did I totally read this one incorrectly? Would appreciate your constructive feedback. Thanks.


Lease a 2019 Dodge Challenger SXT for $149 a month for 36 months

$0 total due at lease signing. No security deposit required. Tax, title and license extra. Low-mileage lease for well qualified lessees. Based on MSRP example of $29,340 with 21A package after all applicable offers. Total due at lease signing includes a down payment and first month’s payment. Offer requires dealer contribution. Tax, title & license extra. Lessee pays for excess wear and mileage of $.25/mile ($0.50/mile for SRT models) for each mile over 10,000 miles per year, if vehicle is returned at end of term. Option to buy at lease end at pre-negotiated price. Dealer’s actual terms may vary. Offer through Ally Financial. Residency restrictions apply. Must take retail delivery by 07/31/2019. $395 disposition fee due at lease end. On Approved Credit. Sale Price is not applicable on Leases. Five or More at this Offer. Contact us to check availability and to schedule an appointment; Appointments are Highly Recommended.

Offer expires: 07/31/2019

Looks legit, ask for a breakdown of fees and taxes, e.i. total down.

Good luck OP getting that deal last year when i was looking for my Scatpack. I reached out to Huntington Beach and when they found out i wasn’t gone be a sucker they quit responding. Most of those advertised specials usually have like 4K due at signing to get that low payment.

Fine print seems to be where they are hiding the extra costs.

Here’s some of the stock they have listed

It says it multiple times… “$0 DAS. Tax, title, & license extra.” So I’d love to know what fees the salesperson is talking about. Of course, they don’t have to honor the ad, but I’d still grill them quite a bit and make somewhat of a stink. In the end, though, just assume you aren’t getting the advertised deal.

Here’s what I learned buying a Challenger last month in Texas. Many dealers will present “online” or “Internet” pricing that is based on EVERY possible discount. The vast majority of those discounts are mutually exclusive or require special qualifications.

They use them to get you in the door, especially if you’re coming in from out of town.

Every, and I mean EVERY “great” online price I received (purchase or lease) was from a dealer 2+ hours a was away.


Sooooo difficult to believe anything that an FCA dealer has listed on their website.

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Huntington Beach Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Dodge dealer are douches. Read their Google and Yelp reviews. Idk if this is a bait and switch but I highly doubt they will honor it or they will tell you that’s there’s only 1 car with that price and it was sold yesterday.

I went there in April and have a tier 1 credit. While they honored the online selling price, they jacked up the MF. I talked to 3 different sales: salesman, sales manager, and general manager and we couldn’t come to an agreed price. After 5 hours, walked away and picked up my Jeep in San Diego. Good luck if you go to Huntington Beach douches.

The ad is pretty contradictory. Definitely too good to be true.

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So yea I dealt with HB Dodge for a Charger Hellcat (they had like 5+ instock). They add all these ArmorAll, Rust proofing, Vin etching, alarm force who knows what else. All said in done over $1-2k in EXTRAS that they refused to budge on.

Needless to say I went with another Dodge dealer for my Hellcat in SoCal.

I’m just curious what they’re pretending to do with the numbers.

But yeah, dodge dealers are a special type of sketchy.

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I know of no one who has had a good experience with this dealer. They make all the good dealers look bad. Someone please find me a $0 down $599 Hellcat lease please!!!

How about $519 a month and you even get 20k miles to use over the remaining 12 months lol


Tempting :grimacing:

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Show me where to sign!

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Be aware of ‘bait and switch ‘

That’s not even a challenger sxt in the ad

Might be a one car on the lot that sold last week special.

In the Google reviews the owner keeps reminding everyone they sell 11K vehicles a year.