2019 Corvette Lease - Legitimate?

Checking to see if anyone knows about this deal and if it is legitimate. They do not give details and imagine they want $10K down or something ridiculous. Any other good Vette deals out there?

If you’re curious as to whether or not it’s legit, why not call the dealer and ask for details to be emailed?


Considering that it’s from a Michigan based dealer I’d bet that some kind of employee discount needs to be there for starters, plus significant cash down, TTL, etc. Also considering that they refuse to disclose the terms in the advertisement, it’s probably just a gimmick.

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I emailed them but they are closed today.

  • Actual size shown.

I don’t understand

I was making a joke that the asterisk was to denote that the Corvette for $389 was show actual size in the picture (i.e. about 8 inches long).

Oh lol. It looked like a bullet and not an asterisk lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Or you only get the front half as shown…

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Some discussion recently about the same dealer. Scroll down for some pricing from there.

Low as $389? What if I put $25K down?

Les Stanford is well known on Corvette forums for providing excellent pricing on Corvettes. depending on incentives and time of year they can offer outstanding deals. because of that people from all over the country buy and lease Corvettes (and other cars) from them.

Having said that, I suspect the deal that is advertised is for people who may qualify for GMS (GM employee pricing) If that’s the case and you don’t qualify then you’ll have to pay a bit more.

However you won’t know until you call.

The other dealer I would contact is Mattick Chevrolet. They do similar nationwide sales/leases of Corvettes

I just looked at the Les Stanford website, The bigger ad there says that the $389/month lease is a 36 month lease for the GM family (ie GM employee pricing) that also has an existing GM lease. And they want $3999 down.


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So by the time you roll in the $3999, then add tax and less employee pricing, it’s about $600 plus drive offs…

  1. $600 a month almost hits the forum one-percent bogey.

  2. On the Honda-Civic ratio scale it’s about one and three-quarters Civics per Corvette.

  3. I would bet that by next summer you could get the same deal for $100 a month less. Keep an eye on this website for the deals as they roll in.


Whenever you see * SEE DEALER FOR DETAILS

it means, we will do a whole song and dance … and be nowhere near 389 …


Oh yes, but I am a crazy person when it comes to this and most dealers just want me gone! lol

Yep, was reading on the Corvette forums how sales have nosedived the last 2 years, I think a 1/3rd of what they were 2 years ago. A lot of people waiting for the mid-engine Corvette, and some complaining that not enough updates have been added in the last couple of years to warrant buying one at this point. I’d imagine there will be some great deals in the next year.

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Probably + tax and $5000 down (maybe even drive off on top)

Those people are going to be VERY disappointed when they see the 170k price tag on the mid engine model.

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