2018 Corvette Lease

Just wanted to share what looked like a pretty good lease on a new Corvette


Thats a GMS employee lease, which 99% of people won’t qualify for.


Haven’t the 2018 1LT Corvettes been sold out for months now ? As I recall none are available anywhere.

You could get a 2019 though for $489/mo with $3k down and drive-offs. No employee deal required.

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I need to convince the wife of this deal :rofl:


Actually, on many Corvette forums the same dealer ad mentions “everyone qualified for employee price”. I cannot offer assurances, but this is what I saw. Simply google Corvette biog or forums and then go to their classifieds for “dealers”.

I still found many 2018’s on Autotrader, Corvette forums, etc. They’re out there if you search nationwide.

Les Stanford site says employee discount for all

A few of the bigger dealers in Illinois, Ohio, etc seemed to offer employee pricing especially during winter. As others have said the major Corvette forums are a good place to check offers and previous deals.

But are they 2018 LT1 Stingrays ? That is the car that (theoretically) can be leased for $419/month with $3k down.

I have no doubt that you can still find higher trim levels and loaded 2018 models. The base 2018 LT1 car is if not sold out then pretty darn scarce.

I found some LT1’s yes. I was looking last week or so and ended up on some of the forums where it linked to dealers. You can then browse their inventory. I do not know anything about the scarcity, I ended up deciding to aim for a lower monthly spend so the Corvette fell off my radar. Still, figured I’d share the deal info in case anyone else was interested.

$479 $2k down

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Hey all …and @Alex

Can y’all help me get one to Los Angeles?


@chevysalesgirl has a 2017 black one they want to get rid of.

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I was in contact with Jeff Irish over @ Les Stanford Chevy. Here are the numbers he gave me:


MSRP - $59,670.00
Selling price - $53,738.18

36/10k - $705.40 with $2121.63 due

36/10k - $734.95 with $2233.52 due (with lease care gold)

36/10k - $579.80 with $6344.94 due

36/10k - $609.36 with $6456.84 due (with lease care gold)

These are all four options for you.

Lease care gold will cover tire and wheel replacement, paintless dent repair, windshield repair, key replacement, lease end protection up to $1500.00 and roadside assistance for the whole life of the lease.

What are your thoughts on this thread? Looking to pull the trigger on a Corvette this Winter here in San Francisco.

Here is another set of #'s I got from the DSR broker:

Desired Vehicle MSRP: $56,590.00

Lease Term: 42

Desired Lease Miles: 10,000 per year (advertised 10k a year, +$0 a Month for extra desired miles)

Desired Cap Reduction Down: $0 (advertised with $1999 Down, payment adjusts +/- $30 a month, for every thousand added to capital reduction)

Monthly Payment: $713.70 + T&L*

In winters past I’ve seen them discounting above 10%, quite significantly above 10% but it depends how flexible you are on colors, spec, how long the stock has been sitting, etc. If they aren’t willing to go lower and you can wait then hold out for end of month pushes or December. For a Corvette with a ~$60k MSRP we’ve seen them in the low to mid $600’s p/m.

What MF are they quoting? If rates are high it’s even more important to get a good discount.

That would be great if I can get it in the mid 600’s. Also to include lease protection/maintenance.

The largest corvette dealers are offering 13% off with no negotiation for 2019’s

Which dealership was this with? I’m at 94005.

I did contact LES in Michigan. That was one of the quotes listed and wasn’t a great deal. Any specific dealers I should speak to?