2019 Chrysler Pacifica Limited - Opinions (48-month) lease

Looking at a 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Limited. Dealer is listing a monthly payments of about $600 with $1800 down payment to covers fees and 1st month. No security deposit is required seems.

Lease Term: 48-months/15,000 miles per year

MSRP: $49,625.00
Invoice Price: $47,667.00
Sale Price: $48,067.00
Residual Value (35%) : $17,368.75

Fees: $1,066.68

Rebates: $9750.00
MF: 0.00160
Sales Tax Rate:6.625%
Total Sales Tax: $2,570.33

I’m not an expert here on CJDR deals, but this looks pretty darn terrible.

These cars are a dime a dozen - you should be at least at invoice if not well below, before rebates.

Additionally you should try running numbers for 36 months - with that much rebate money it’ll likely come out stronger.

I’d shop around a bit.


My nearest dealer has this trim advertised online 12k off MSRP. Before worrying about down payment, lease length, MF and fees you are going to want to get the sales price way lower.

Edit - Actually tried to read your image. You are getting a $9750 rebate. But the dealer discount before rebate is only one or two percent. I’m not a Chrysler guy but I’d guess you want that more like 10%

This is a deal in NJ but where and what dealer is this? Can you provide a link? Thanks.

There is a link embedded in the post but it’s ourisman in Alexandria, VA. Point is, the dealerships have some wiggle in price. It’s not going to be a great lease value due to low residual but minivans are tough to lease since not many manufacturers make them anymore.

But just keep trying to get the sales price down and then see where the base MF gets you at 36 and 48 months.

I just saw it now. Was holding my newborn so didn’t noticed the embedded link. I am intrigued now if the price is the real deal or not.

Thanks all. I went 48-months on the lease since it will be a business write-off hence the longer terms. Otherwise I would have gone the usual route of 36-months with better residuals. Also was wanting to covers fees and no real down payment or cap cost reduction from my end other than manufacturer rebates

Looking at the link i posted it definitely includes rebates not everyone will qualify for. But your deal inlcudes a huge rebate and almost no dealership discount. You don’t get to a good lease deal with no dealer discount.

I’m not sure how tax benefits of the 48 month lease cancel out the lower payments from the shorter term lease. Especially since I’d assume you are also going to use this car as a family vehicle. But that math is between you and your accountant. Looking on the Edmunds forum, people seem to be getting this trim level in the 400s with little money down on 36/39 month leases with 15k miles.

Yes that’s my other concern is whether I would qualify for some of the regional specific incentives. I do notice based on the VINs … your recommended dealer has more money on the hood due to the older inventory relative to my example.

Wish I know for sure if June has some incentives or not for me to wait.

Someone on Edmunds was quoted $304/mo with $3000 due at signing for 36/12. It’s the equivalent of about $400/mo with 0 due at signing.

If you read that thread closely, they are getting FCA employee pricing and are located in Detroit which is especially heavy on rebates. Probably not a reasonable comparison.

True that it’s employee pricing, but you can see bigger discounts for anyone:

At that price why not make another year of payments and own the van?

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Unfortunately a few of the extra incentives like low credit score and other offers. I’m getting close to $9750 on rebates. It’s just the rebates are not being applied correctly on the worksheet … unless. I am mistaken.

One other note … the ones at Huntington Beach had certain packages missing such as Advanced Safety Package which is a must. I can forgo the sunroof and maybe the seat back entertainment stuff


You should be able to get:
10-15% off MSRP with Dealer Discount (compared to 3.1% offered)

Incentives are:
$6,500 IDL (Independent Dealer Lease)
$1,250 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Bonus Cash
$1,250 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Retail Customer Cash Allowance
$1,000 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan Retail Bonus Cash
$750 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Lease Cash Allowance
$750 2019 Returning Lessee Loyalty Bonus Cash
$500 2019 Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, FIAT, RAM Conquest Lease to Retail/Lease Bonus Cash
Total: $11,500 or 11,250. Source: Truecar for New Jersey Zip Code.

In other words, your selling price should be $43,000. Incentives should be $11,250.

Here is your current lease:

Here’s something to shoot for:

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The extra year isn’t costing you too much more per month, but you’ll be paying that monthly payment for a whole year without a warranty and a vehicle that requires significantly more maintenance

I don’t think you can’t us retail cash for lease. and you can’t you loyalty and conquest at the same time.

Some incentives can’t be stacked. I know selling price looked wrong and other than me not putting a lot for down-payment. Deal is OK but I want that panoramic sunroof.

You have to ask yourself do I really want to drive a Chrysler minivan for 60k miles!! Sorry but you may need a new CPA as your business expense explanation makes no sense. Do 2 24 month leases then. You can always get a larger deduction by spending more money but unless your effective tax rate is 100% it’s not a free ride.

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The 1st post from OP is not from Chrysler Capital so you may be getting a high rebate but virtually no discount off MSRP and high MF. This kind of negates the high rebate.

This is a high volume car, you should shoot for 10%+ discount off MSRP and then deduct all rebates available to you. 48 months doesn’t make sense unless you plan to sell it before lease is up. Warranty is only 36 months. Business write-offs can be done with any terms or price as long as its justified. If you are going to write off $600 for car expense, might as well get a better car/van.

More of not having to go through the process since the residuals is never going to be good on a minivan and there is a possibility of buying it out at the end of the term. Alternative is just do 0% financing with minimal incentives and forego leasing all together