2019 Camry hybrid

Hi about to lease 2019 Camry hybrid 12k 36 months, 1000 including fees and 406/month.

Good deal?

No. Not at all.

You could definitely do better. If you are in SoCal I can help you.

I went to cornell

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I love Cornell, but I abhor Ithaca and Upstate New York. Can’t wait to graduate early next fall. You might be able to get an ES300h for less than the payment on this Camry, but I haven’t checked incentives or residuals in a while. Accord Hybrid might be better too if you aren’t able to get it from Cody in Cali

I am! I live in so cal.

What is good price for xle hybrid lease?

Whatever Cody can offer you. He’ll give you the best deal. Just go straight to him

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I`m in Las Vegas, could you help me with a lease on a Infinity?

I work for toyota

What would the numbers look like for 0 down? 750+ credit. Looking to downgrade. What’d you think I could get on trade for a 2018 Toyota 4 runner TRD off road premium, 9800 miles.

Send me a private message and I can help you. I just need the VIN and miles on the 4Runner.

PM’d. Not sure if you saw it.

Ill work on it now. Got distracted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! I totally get it, I’m supposedly “on a meeting” right now myself. Lol. But I do want to say, thank you

what trim level ?