2019 BMW X7 xdrive50i NEW not a loaner

2019 bmw x7 xdrive50i
MSRP: $95935
Selling price:$81770 14.8%off before incentives
Monthly Payment: $878 incl 10.25 ca tax
Drive-Off Amount: $6300 (MSD)
Months: 36mo
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00118 down to 0.00083 with 7 MSDs
Residual: 57%
Incentives: 3500( lease) + 1250( loyalty) + 880( first month payment rebate?)
Region: socal
Leasehackr Score: 10.5

It took me good amount of time going back and forth in negotiation to come to this.

This is Brandnew car with 25 mi not a loaner

2nd mo pmt is also waived

This was for my friend, if it was for me i could have used my $2000 penfed as well as $1000 newgrad which brings down the pmt to $790

What i learned in this hacking is that 50i is much more attractive than 40i for the rebate as well as discount rate.


Not bad!

Waiver is a lease payment credit I think

Penfed only good for $500 on lease but nice try.

Good deal.


Really? I might have looked at finance credit lol thanks for correcting me

Don’t forget to apply for the $1000 BMWCCA rebate.

Damn i already applied that for my bmw M4 cs this year, should have waited and apply for this car. I think its once per calendar year

But u just said this is your friends car, no ? :thinking:


Yea it is what am i thinking?
Ill post a picture of contract when We get the car delivered

The lease credit is only $1,500… $3,500 is for finance

Also the residual should be 56%, not 57%

This is a 2019.

Nice job. Pretty good discount on a new vehicle. Enjoy it! I mean… hope your friend enjoys it :wink:


whoops, missed that. The discount makes much more sense now.

It is 57% for 2019 i believe i have to wait until i see the contract but thats what we agreed upon

Lease credit is $3500 on 50i

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Yeah I missed that it was a 2019. On the 2020’s lease credit is only $1,500

Trophy pics?

Could have done alittle better, i just picked up a 19’ x7 50i 98k build for
$876 month in april
15k miles
No msd
total upfront $1230 which was first month, Dmv, and doc fee

That actually looks like a pretty good deal on that car and miles @m3teg

A little better than 15% pre-incentive at buy rate on a non loaner? Unlikely that there was much meat on that bone.

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