2019 BMW X5 xDrive40i Lease



Hi guys,
Looking for a bit of advice. Just totaled our previous car with a head-on collision with a driver who ended up receiving a DUI (her fault as well). Luckily, everyone in our car is okay with only a few broken bones. I’ve just started negotiating with the BMW dealership here for a '19 X5 and the prices seem high, but I’m terrible at this and would really love your help if possible. Here is their current offer for us in Kentucky:

Market Value Selling Price: $62,645
Discount: $1,500
Adjusted Price: $61,145
BMW Protection Package: $1,499

Total Purchase: $62,644
Record Fee: $22
Doc Fee: $599
Tax: $70.32
Non-Tax Fees: $54

Total Balance: $64,314.32

They want $2500 down (which I don’t want to do) and the payments are the following for 12k miles:

24 months: $1258
30 months: $890 (odd that this is lower than the amount for 36 months?)
36 months: $1014

I need to speak with them again because we drive a LOT and will definitely need a 15k lease. My question is, is it asking too much of them to get 15k miles, zero down, and a payment somewhere below $800/month? I’m just not sure how much they’re willing to negotiate considering the '19 X5 is so “hot” right now. I know I’m missing a lot of data that’s most likely necessary (residual, MF, etc.) but this is all that’s included on their printout. I can get those numbers tomorrow if needed. Thanks in advance for all the help.



Don not even bother negotiating with the dealer. I think you want to list this in the Worst lease post


Your minuscule discount prevents you from even getting something even close to palatable. A 2019 X5 isn’t going to lease well to begin with, but a poor discount and marked-up MF makes it even worse


Thanks guys for the responses. I apologize for my lack of knowledge on leasing, trying to catch up as we’re having this discussion. I realize the X5 won’t lease well, but we really do like the feel of an X5 (we also had the previous generation). Do you think contacting another dealer may help, or should we move onto the looking at the X3 or Q5? Thanks again for the help!


Glad that there were no super serious injuries.

I assume the price will be VERY high b/c the X5 was completely re-designed (not just facelifted) for 2019.

Are there any 2018s left? Maybe an X5 loaner (if such things exist)?

I’m a relatively newbie, but Audis tend not to lease well. If you don’t need something the size of an X5, perhaps looking at an X3 or a loaner X3? Not sure how much 2018 MB GLEs are going for (which are also about to be replaced…).


Thanks for the response. Yeah, we’re also looking into 2018 X5s and loaners…honestly, if we didn’t need a car ASAP I would just wait out a good deal on an X5 for 6 months or so. When we stopped by Audi their offers on the Q5 weren’t stellar by any means. Safety is our main concern right now so we’re trying to put emphasis on drivers assistance, lane assist, etc. Thanks for the help guys.



Figure out the lease numbers at 10% off msrp and hit up every dealer website you’re willing to drive out fly to. When they respond with their e price offer your numbers back msrp and selling price of 10% off and what the payments should be. Look up if there are incentives to include in edmunds. I doubt there are if it’s brand new. Definitely are on the 18’s. With the calculator here you should be able to know what you want to pay per month. Just offer what the numbers say. If this was not a new model you’d stay at 13%


Great advice. Thanks, I’ll get on that tomorrow. Just wondering, if I get a non-local dealer to give a great deal, do people ever get lucky when they try to leverage that with the local dealer?



[quote=“jcmorr15, post:6, topic:89679, full:true”]
When we stopped by Audi their offers on the Q5 weren’t stellar by any means.[/quote]
If you stop by most dealers they will hook you up on a lease for 50% more than what you should be paying. Use LH, work the numbers, don’t be a sheep.


Thanks 02cic. Are you saying to look up the numbers first before I go in, that way I have a plan and won’t budge? Or are you saying there is some other way to lease without going in? Just want to be clear and brush the wool out of my eyes :wink:



The internet department assumes youre a C student in math. If you take them numbers you want they assume you’re a B student. If you hang around here long enough you’ll be an A student and teach them how to do the deal. If you walk in off the street they assume you’re an F student in math and will take you for all they can. So basically don’t deal with anyone that isn’t in the internet department


Good to know and also saves me a ton of hassle. Thanks for the advice.



Someone in NJ for 11 percent off last month but the msrp was 76. Id shoot for 10 percent off. If you have to, contact a broker on here.


It’s all over the LH site. Never walk in. Do all by phone text email. Read up here. It’s worth it.

And contacting a broker isn’t an “if you have to” thing. Especially if you are short on time, they can do all the work for you and save you $.


Thanks guys, really appreciate all the help I’ve gotten on here. I apologize again for lacking knowledge in this field, I’m very new to this. Not sure if this is proper etiquette to ask publicly, but are there any brokers you can recommend for an X5?



10% off List on an '19 X5? You guys are dreaming.


You can get much better value in 2019 XC90 T6 w/advanced package. MSRP is around $62k and the payments may be around $600/mo


From what I’ve seen, no prob w/ asking, but maybe making another post w/ the title being “Broker needed in KY” and then linking it to this thread might be more helpful?

Not sure if KY is like SoCal, but don’t get TOO hung up on unicorn deals if you’re in a rush. Sometimes people find amazing deals w/i a week, sometimes it takes longer… And sometimes, if you’re want a certain car/options and need to find one relatively quickly, sometimes you just have to settle for a decent deal (which was my own situation and prompted me to buy an inexpensive car rather than lease). Inventory on 2018 stuff is dwindling, and now is stinky time to get a brand-new 2019 anything, I imagine.


@jcmorr15 - reach out to @DroseBMW. He offering below invoice on the 19 G05 X5. He is out of Passport BMW in Suitland MD.


Hi guys,
After shopping around a bit and taking some advice from everyone on here, we’ve shifted our shopping to Volvo and are currently looking at a 2018 T6 AWD XC60 Momentum. I just want to see from all of you if this seems like a decent deal. Comes with the following:

MSRP: $54,350
Discount: $11,500
Adjusted Price: $42,850
Permaplate: $599
Doc Fee: $599
Non Tax Fees: $49

Balance: $44,792

With zero down and 12k miles/month, here are their offers:

24 month: $714/month
36 month: $518/month
39 month: 570/month

For $518/month, does this seem like a good deal? We would like to finish this deal tomorrow and would likely try to negotiate down to $499 just for the sake of it. What do you guys think?