2019 BMW X5 xDrive40i Lease



Must be a loaner? Do 10 MSDs, will save you $40-50/mo (0.0006 --> 0.0001)


Loaner, yep. Oddly it only has 3 miles on it according to the paperwork. It was currently being used as a loaner and will be back tomorrow, which is when we’ll test drive it and actually take a closer look at it. Thanks for the tip about the multiple MSDs. Quick question, say we are involved in an accident the day after we lease the car which results in a total loss of the vehicle. We will not get any of the MSD money back, correct? Thanks again for all the help on this!



$499 would be solid deal on an Xc90.


Hi Mike, it’s a loaded XC60. Still think it’s a good deal?


Ask for the breakdown (MF?). I think it should be less than $500/mo with low mileage penalty with this discount, even without MSDs. You don’t lose your MSDs in case of the total loss.


Thanks guys, originally I was shooting for 479 and will still try to hit that number. Thanks again for all the help throughout this.



This is what it should be with first month DAS, 10 MSDs and adjusted RV for mileage (-1%, guessing here), 6% tax

Try to get rid of that permaplate for $599, whatever it is :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome. Thanks Ursus. Before I go in, should I call the sales rep to get the MF that way I can check with your number above? I want to make sure I don’t look too stupid when I boldly ask for certain terms. Can’t thank you enough for the guidance. As far as the permaplate goes, I didn’t know what it was either…looks like it’s some sort of protection program (not sure if it’s worth the $599 or even negotiable, seems to be on all the cars we’ve looked at).

here’s a link: https://www.permaplate.com



Is garbage. No offense. Highly stressed motor, lousy A/C, etc. So is permaplate @jcmorr15

Go buy some ipa, distilled water and a ceramic coating kit like cquartz, blackfire, pinnacle, opti coat etc. cost you like $100 and a saturday afternoon.


Hi Trato,
The car we’re interested in is the XC60. Did you mean that? We’ve owned BMWs, Audis, Porsches (and a Ducati :wink: ) in the past…this car didn’t feel quite as nice, but certainly wouldn’t call it garbage. The safety features that come standard can’t be overlooked for the price imo.

I agree that permaplate is a joke, just wondering if they’ll remove the charge if we ask.



No @Ursus mentioned the xc90. I drove the T8 and it felt like a pre-production car (used to work in auto industry) absolutely unacceptable, especially the brake pedal feel. Can’t speak for T6 or XC60 i guess, but T8 steered me away from the brand at all.


Context, my friend. Read again why I mentioned XC90.


Why you mentioned it doesn’t really matter. I still despise it lol.


Yeah, get the MF and your DAS breakdown - should only be first month with my numbers above. And around $440/mo without that perma-thing


Ursus, sorry for the confusion, can you explain DAS? “Due at signing” I assume? So I can basically state the following when I walk in (after obtaining MF tomorrow morning):
I want 1 month DAS, 10 MDS, and removal of the Perma-thing :wink: for $440/mo

Sound good?



Yeah, that should do it. $440/mo with 0 down, first month and 10 MSDs ($4,500) due at signing. But the actual mileage on it may affect the final numbers to the slightly higher monthly.


Will do. Thanks again for all the help, we’ll see how much more I can bring them down.



How Is the 30 month lease quotr much cheaper than the 24 and 36 on the X5? Surely it was a mistake?


I was also confused, but when we asked about the prices for an X3 they also quoted lower prices for the 30 month. Not sure what was going on. We didn’t end up going that route so I didn’t really ask many questions.



Thanks for the fast reply! What did you end up going with?

Edit - must be a mistake on the 30 month. I checked the 36/15 and the 30/15 and it’s only 2 points higher on the residual. Winds up somewhere in the middle of the 24 and 36, as expected. They must have used the 30 month residualnbut must have forgotten to knock it down from 36 to 30