2019 BMW X5 Lease

Hello Everyone,

I am new here and I was previously looking at a Jeep, but that deal fell through and I’ve been doing my homework on an X5 instead. I started a new forum, so I hope that’s okay. I have been reaching out to a couple of dealerships and here is the Info they gave me. I am registering the car in NJ

OK discount, but they’re marking up the MF on you which is offsetting some of the discount. Would strongly recommend buy rate and putting down MSDs upfront to help further reduce the interest.

Someone from the east coast can tell you if you should be pushing for more discount.

Im pretty sure the rep sent you the version they see. I see some extra boxes which i have never seen before and there showing you a marked up MF haha. Would love someone with more knowledge to chime in on this.

Its just a screenshot of the desking software - I don’t get it often, but love it when dealers send it over.

Reward the transparency by negotiating hard but respectfully and point out that you would like buy rate and then to do security deposits on top. Again, I might try and push for more discount, but I’m not sure how much deeper they’ll go at 12%.

Yeah not getting buy rate on higher MSRP vehicles can be really expensive in the long run (.0004) can add 10% to the monthly payment in a hurry.

Hello everyone,

I reached out to a different dealership and here’s their offer:

MSRP: $69,595
Selling: $61,179
MF 00165
RV: 58%
3000 down
Taxes: 1765
Luxury tax $246.92
Doc fee $599
Acquisition fee $925

36months/12k miles

I am looking for pretty much exact same car. 12% seems to be the cap on new X5.

Seems like a decent deal, you might be able to do better if you can find a loaner.

Seems alright if the numbers check out, where’s the incentive or are they trying to roll it into the sell price? If so, ask for the extra $750-1250 conquest/loyalty and see if you qualify for any other incentives.

I tried to deal with some loaners and those dealerships for some reason won’t do any less than 8% discount. I am getting better deals on new X5.

I am trying to see if the dealerships that are giving me 12% discount from the get-go can offer me a higher discount on demos, but haven’t had any luck. I might just wait a couple of months and see if I can get a better deal on a loaner.

The discount generally needs to be a minimum of 50-60% higher than on new to break even on the RV drop from demo/loaner miles and compensate the fact it’s a used car.

I think it’s cute they’re trying to pass off demos at new car pricing when the residual deduction makes them clearly a worse deal. Could just be trying to push people into new for the stat.

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Im looking for a similar car…how do you get them to send you that worksheet?

That’s why I wouldn’t buy them from lol some dealerships don’t believe me that I am getting 12% discount. One of the sales guy said “I didn’t know we were giving the cars away” when I asked for a 12% discount. I’ll keep looking around and I know I’ll find a better deal. I am trying to be $700, so if that means I have to wait for the 20s to be released then I’ll have to wait.

Hey, I just straight up ask them to email me a break down of how they arrived to that number. I want the MF, RV, Selling price etc… some will dealers will play ball and send it to you. Other will want to tell you over the phone. You just gotta ask

Funny comment. I’d reply with “So you do stand-up at night? Because you’re not selling me a car”

Generally I’m nice and easy going but snark is met with snark 100% of the time. :upside_down_face:


I had a GM recently “intervene” on my email thread with an SM because, presumably, they were offended by suggestion that their 4K mile demo wasn’t worth what they were asking. Never mind they’ve been trying to sell it for 6 months unsuccessfully.

Does anyone know the MF and RV for the 19s X5 for July?

I don’t think those numbers will be available until July 8th.

How do demo miles impact RV - hypothetical, 7.5k/36 is 60% on new, what would it be on a demo with 4,900 miles?

Thank you! I guess I’ll just have to wait

I think the residual penalty is quite low for under 5k miles and then jumps by like 4-5 times. I’m trying to negotiate a deal for a X5 demo with 49xx miles and the dealer won’t move past 10% with marked up MF. That Silicon Valley money has spoiled local dealers :confused: