2019 BMW X5 $76950 MSRP 11% off NJ



includes loyalty
I can’t get the numbers to match exactly on the calculator so I had to do a negative down payment to match the drive off amount.

My friend is finalizing the deal I worked out for him tomorrow, and I’ll share as much info as possible once I know they will replicate it. This is primarily to show that you don’t have to settle for “invoice” pricing just because it’s a new model.

2018 BMW X5 lease

You should wait until the deal has been finalized and signed before posting in this section, but I’ll let it slide this time. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


haha i know …my inbox was blowing up and I didn’t want to keep people from trying to match/beat it at their local dealer. Deal is all but signed on paper…the dealer I flow these deals through doesn’t play games.


I was able to get the same deal minus MSDs at a NY dealer, but my friend wanted to do the MSDs. I can share the NY dealer and sales rep for those not interested in MSDs. Just remove it from the calculation.

Also, this is a pretty loaded non-M X5 with nappy leather and a lot of the packages. I’ll ask tomorrow if they same percentage discount can be applied to lower MSRP X5s


@discountsales2020 Great deal for your friend. Thanks for posting to help the community.

2019 BMW G05 X5 Lease

Hey if you can , can you let me know dealership in nj. I’m in nj currently shopping for an x5 2019. That would be helpful , I really would appreciate it


Yes, please let me know on this deal as well.


spoke with the CA…he’s not sure how many deals they will do that that discount, but he thinks it he can get close to it. PM me if you need his info


I’m in Seattle and the best 2019 X5 deal I have found is 3.75% off MSRP (and 2% off at a different dealer). It would be totally worth shipping the vehicle cross country if I could get 11% off. Would you be able to share the dealer in NJ or other state please?

The $72K MSRP I’m looking at has a separate USAA $500 off, $2K discount for using BMW Financial Services, $1K loyalty discount for a total of $6K off = $66K.

Looks like the CCA $1000 rebate for an X5 doesn’t apply if you have the USAA discount per the rebate rules, but that would be another $366 off ($500-$134 3 year CCA membership dues).

Thanks a million in advance!



Just get it from SoCal. Greg Poland at Pacific BMW probably will get you closer to those discounts.


Hi Jack,

I came across your post and am also located in Seattle and am looking at a 2019 X5. I was curious what deal you ended up getting in Seattle or if you did a deal in NJ or elsewhere.

Thanks in advance for sharing!



Hey, try to reach

David Padgalskas

Internet Sales Manager

Main [503.548.1246]

Cell/Text [509.768.0965]

Email: dpadgalskas@bmwportland.com
I’m also located in Seattle and bought from him last year, got a very good price. Also a fellow leasehacker member from Seattle just placed an order with him also. Let him know that Adrian (Redmond WA) referred him. @collinja


Hi Jason - As Balasa mentioned as well, the best pricing I found on the West Coast was -5% MSRP from David Padgalskas of BMW Portland. He wasn’t willing to go lower. Shipping cost was $250 from Portland, but still a better deal than the -2% or -3.75% MSRP I found in the Seattle area.

I found -6% MRSP -$1000 before incentives on the East Coast, but covered shipping from there was $1800-$2500 eating up all the savings. Uncovered shipping from there was $1250 but I wasn’t willing to take that chance with rocks/wind/debris over 3000miles…

I also got a referral to Greg Poland from Pacific BMW but haven’t reached out to him yet. His number on that web site shows as 818-254-1301. I figure I will try him and see what he’s willing to do.

Here’s David from BMW Portland’s contact info below…


David Padgalskas

Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Out of the Office: Sunday and Monday

BMW Portland

2001 SW Jefferson

Portland, OR 97201

Main 503.548.1246

Cell/Text 509.768.0965

Email: [dpadgalskas@bmwportland.com]


@Zog 3 row comes out in a couple of months! Not bad at this deal?


Thanks Jack and Adrian. I will definitely reach out to David.