2019 BMW X3 Xdrive30i Loaner Lease Review

Hey Hackrs,

I’d love some help checking out the deal below. Loaner with 4276 miles and navigation. I was pushing for 17% off MSRP and the dealer matched but said they had to mark up the MF to give me the discount which means its not actually a 17% deal :-). They’re closed today so I’m still waiting on the MF they used. And yes I know I need to have the “Starguard” fee removed ;-). Any thoughts?

2019 BMW X3 Xdrive30i Loaner
Miles: 4276
RV: 58%
Inception fees DAS
Region: Portland (buyer in Seattle)

Seems like an OK deal by PNW standards. With marked up MF, your discount is more like 15-16%. Definitely nix that stargard nonsense and consider doing Max MSD.

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I was hoping you’d throw some feedback my way :-). Thank you!

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Sometimes in low doc fee states you gotta let them have the point markup in exchange for heavier discount especially when you don’t have a dozen competing dealers all fighting for your business.

Drop the stargard, and consider doing MSD’s to bring the rate back down.


Sound advice as always, thank you!

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So how did this shake out?


Heading down there this Saturday to finalize!

Did they knock off starguard?

I’m curious if they removed Starguard as well. Talking to them about a different vehicle and so far they haven’t budged on removing it.

They’ll do it if they want the sale. 99% of the time these little addendums (and not so little ones) can be knocked off completely with no consequence.

Or at least knock another $600 off the compensate.

I’m heading down to look at two vehicles at this dealer and visit some friends this weekend. I made it clear I would like it removed and I’ll report back!

Better get some Voodoo Donuts while you’re there. Even if the car doesn’t work out, you’ll have something to show for it.


What’s this voodoo donut you speak of? :doughnut:

Proof that g-d loves us.

Amen to that. I get them every time I’m in Portland/Denver. Crazy crazy good.

Same dealer gave me the following quote for same exact car:

MF is .00168 and they don’t want to take MSDs.

I’m also from Seattle but the taxes and fees are very different for me. Should I just send him the quote from this post and ask him to match? I’m not eligible for the extra 1250 incentive though. But the discount is 1K in @BWilson’s quote.

I thought only current BMW owners can pay MSD to lower payments. Is that not the case?

Not the case. The MSD program is back for all.

@28firefighter, any advise on this?