2019 BMW i8 - $1183/month / $0 down / MSRP $164,295

Looking to transfer my lease for a 2019 BMW i8 Roadster.

Sophisto Grey w/ Frozen Grey

Purchase date: 5/31/19
Purchase Mileage: 112
MSRP: $164,295
Current Mileage: 1500
Miles Allowed: 15,000
Maturity Date: 5/30/21
Residual Value: $106,791.75

Lease transfer fee to be paid by the buyer.

Please contact me at (646) 208-8769.

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Got tired of the doors and uncomfortable ride so quickly?

Doors and ride are not bad at all. Hybrid vehicles are just not for me.

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The hybrid has been good to me. On my nearly 70 mile commute, I average 44 mpg.


It seems OP is more interested in performance that miles per gallon. Different folks, different strokes …

this car is too flashy for me…I will transfer my lease soon too haha


definitely is…a real head turner.

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I’ve never sat in the i8 but i’ve seen the gap you have to traverse between the outside of the car and the seat once the door is open… it’s like over a foot wide… i know looks wise this car borders exotic car territory but it just CANT be comfortable to get in and out of… and i’m no old man either…

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don’t knock it until you try it… =) it’s actually not that bad. i’m 6’ 1 and get in and out without any hassle.

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You can only get in an out because it is a convertible. I drove the coupe and I hated both the doors and seats lol … That car is not even an exotic. It’s more like a quirky car that some idiot at BMW who was high on something decided to produce … It has not been a best seller and I am sure BMW and dealers lose 50k per i8 they lease/sell. I agree it is a head turner. But are you driving the car because of how you feel about it or what others think about it?

not looking to get into a debate about the car. if you are not interested in the lease transfer; please keep it moving.


Well its definitely a head turner for sure…good luck with the transfer!


As someone that has had the joy of driving one for awhile, I do not agree with @vhooloo’s post. Good luck to OP moving this lease. The i8 is a fantastic vehicle for those who regularly drive one.


In NY you pay the taxes upfront right?

This is a decent deal

That’s correct. Taxes were paid upfront for this.

I wanted one 2 years ago and I went for a Tesla instead. The lease were a lot higher when I looked (usually around $2k per month). It definitely isn’t comfortable to get in and out but it’s kind of the point, if you want comfort buy a minivan not an exotic car. Great deal at 1,100 per month. Good luck :+1:

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Silly thing to day that one needs to buy a minivan to be comfortable. Some would argue that a 911 Carerra is comfortable.

Nobody is debating you. Just echoing an opinion. If you don’t like opinions, don’t post on forums…

I agree with you 100%, I am 6’2 and it is ridiculous trying to get in and out of the i8.

If you are speaking of experience it is one thing if you are speaking from hearsay it is something else. I have owned 34 cars in my life from sport to trucks to antiques and no way in hell would a 911 be more comfortable in a 3k mile trip or as a daily driver and this is speaking from experience. That doesn’t mean I would take the minivan over a 911 which I wouldn’t. I daily drive my C43 convertible sun or snow over my Tesla as the AMG is more fun to but definitely not more comfortable but that doesn’t bother me.