2019 BMW G05 X5 Lease


Time to lease my 2019 X5. Original plan was to finance, but these monthly payment seemed a bit more appealing. And with the rate they are changing things on this still-pre-production car who knows where they’ll be in 3 years.

MSRP: $82,970
Sale Price: $79,970
MF: .00182
Residual: 59%
LEV: $48,952.30
Terms: 36/10k
Monthly: $1096.24

Let me know what you all think of this! It is a brand new car, so not expecting to knock it out of the park. Thanks :+1:

Very difficult to evaluate at this time. The discount still seems low, you can probably get another $1,xxx off comfortably, but realistically you are looking at a $1,050ish payment any way you cut it.

Yes agreed, hard to tell. What’s missing from that is the BMW CCA discount, another $1k but that is applied after the fact so thought I’d keep it separate. I think ~$4k / 5% off MSRP is the best I can expect for now, but wanted to post here in case anyone was seeing otherwise!

Thanks for the comment Samson.

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3k discount on a brand new release is pretty good.

Discount is nice on an unreleased car but I don’t see the appeal in paying $1100/mo lease on an $80k car.

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The heart wants what the heart wants. Some people are willing to sacrifice paying a bit more to drive something they want. Some people could care less and will drive anything they can get their hands on for less than 150/mo.

Different strokes for different folks.

1k a month on an X5? Pass…


An X5 is ho-hum luxury SUV as you can get, This is no head turner …

We are not asking him to drive a Buick. Just asking him to wait a few months and snag a 500 a month deal on it :slight_smile:

You’re obviously misinformed with your opinion. The 2019 X5 is an all new platform and early reviews show improvements in all areas of luxury, technology and off-road capability.


And it shall lease for 500 in May 2019 …


$500 per month? I’d get a 2018 for that payment, 0 down of course. I don’t think you can get a 2018 and certainly not a 2019 for that much. I bet MF will go again up before years end.

In case you have not been watching, the market is down and GDP has slowed, so next year might bring the discounts …

I am not predicting a recession but I am not seeing BMW being able to raise the MF much more …

Yea but for that much just buy the damn car.

Is this the new, redesigned one?

It’s the new platform, but I agree that it’s better to wait several more months. I am also looking to lease this model, maybe more toward March 2019 to get better deal

MF is a factor of interest rates, not GDP growth. The federal Reserve will most likely raise rates again, so when interest rates go up, most of the time MF goes up as well. Some manufacturers will eat the rise in rates, BMW has shown us that they are not willing to do so. Nobody knows for sure what they will do, except for their bean counters.

I’m assuming this is an X5 50i and not a fully loaded X5 40i?

You’re never going to be able to get an X5 50i for $500 p/m, unless you put $10k down. There’s a huge cost difference between a ~$65k X5 40e (with huge incentives/rebates) and an $80k X5 50i. Especially with interest rates increasing.

I would recommend driving the X3 M40i and comparing, very similar interior space and equipment, almost identical performance, but with the M40i not selling well you’ll save hundreds each month.

Saw the new G05 in person, night and day difference over the outgoing X5. Interior is seriously plush in terms of technology.

This is Range Rover Sport territory… Which IMO is a much nicer vehicle. I have an F10, but if my payment started with a $1xxx; I would have passed on the X5.

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Anyone able to get anything interesting on the x5 in November? Best I could get now before any OL codes is 795 a month with 3500 at signing. 36/10. There must be better out there

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