2019 bmw 740i m sport steering wheel

I’ve seen a number of posts on 2019 bmw 740i m sport lease like this one Unicorn Signed ? 2019 BMW 740I M-sport, $566 w/o, $584 w/tax, 36/15k, $95,615 MSRP, 35% off, NO MSD , $2464 DAS, Demo 4k miles

How come the steering wheel is not m-sport?

They changed to the m-sport wheel you see in the lower models for the 2020 mid cycle refresh. 2019> 7series M sport have this wheel from all I have seen.

To me one of the reasons to get m sport package is to have the m sport steering wheel.

@cndnbkn sent you a few SMS, check when you can, I’m sad :frowning:

It’s an easy thing to remedy. You can buy a different BMW steering wheel new or used, lots of them are cross-compatible. Most are a 15 minute DIY job, and you can sell it at the end of the lease and get most of your money back.

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This…what @ajgraham said…

I once changed a steering wheel on a 2014 Accord EX that I leased. Didn’t come with a leather wrapped steering wheel (only on the Sport and upper leather trims). Bought an OEM one and swapped it out in under 30 min with 2 torx screws behind the airbag and a breaker bar for the wheel bolt.

My buddies at work still bust my chops with things like “you’re the only guy I know who gets a brand new car and changes the steering wheel on it” :rofl:

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