2019 BMW 640i GT Demo and X6 Demo Lease need help



I am looking to lease 2 cars this month, I’m in PA, for myself and my wife. This is the quotes I got:

please let me know what should I ask for. Especially on X6, the selling price was $60088, when I asked him why its $67083 on the lease sheet, he told me “It’s the same price, you have to add rebates and freight plus you loose $1500 when you lease, with that being said it is $60088+4500+995+1500=$67083. $4500 is deducted from that after tax”. I have loyalty. Any feedback greatly appreciated!

Pretty decent deals if you ask me! Wife must be happy to drive such a car😂

Just as a comparison point… Signed - BMW X6 loaner . $469 . Taxes and fees upfront

I have seen that deal, that’s why I’m here asking what should I tell the dealer. I don’t know why the salesperson raised the selling price instead of lowering it on X6. Quote is way off everything I have see here lately.

My suggestion is to negotiate dealer discount before any incentives. Use the leasehackr calculator to built up your own personal lease worksheet, putting in the rebates and such, then work towards a dealer discount that you’re happy with. I wouldn’t even bother looking at one of their lease worksheets until you’ve agree on a dealer discount and you’re verifying to make sure they didn’t try to pull a fast one.

I tried using the calculator with the #'s that I got from a dealer. But I am getting completely different #'s. I have never used it before, so I am probably calculating it wrong.

What is your sales tax %? I also can’t get anywhere near his numbers based on that lease sheet.

Sales tax is 9%

The closest I can get the calculator to match their numbers is if I put in .00130 as the mf after the MSDs, not before. Total cost is the same, but the taxes value is way different.

I still can’t figure out why he told “It’s the same price, you have to add rebates and freight plus you loose $1500 when you lease, with that being said it is $60088+4500+995+1500=$67083. $4500 is deducted from that after tax”. when I asked about selling price being $67083 instead of $60088. Because $60088 is the price they are selling the car for. Also what do you think about 640i deal? How much lower can I get it?

Because they sound like a terrible dealership to work with that’s why. You always negotiate sales price then tell them your leasing, stack on rebates. Then you get to fight with them on MF markups. In my years of acquiring cars there’s only one answer better to a crap dealership than “ I’m looking for a new vehicle what can you show me” and that’s “ Hey I’m looking to get two vehicles do I get a discount” . These vehicles should be done seperate and the work you put in should be seperate. If they come from different states who cares as long as you worked the best deal.

The rebates I sorta get, especially if you didn’t state up front that you were negotiating pre-incentive numbers. There are sometimes different incentive amounts depending on if you’re leasing or purchasing.

The freight line is bs, as that’s included in the MSRP, so if they’re saying "well, we’re giving you $2000 off! but then add $995 back in for freight, the $2000 off wasn’t true.

The 640i GT shows no rebates on the lease sheet, but autobytel says there is at least a $1500 incentive

For X6 $60088 is the price they have listed on their website. I didn’t know price could be different if I was leasing vs buying.

Hire a broker

Because you asked about their advertised price, which is for purchase (different incentives) and they do not include freight in that price. Like others said, negotiate selling price first then apply all incentives.

Thank you guys for all the feedback.