2019 BMW 430i Gran Coupe Loaner (must qualify)



White Exterior with Black Interior
Sport Line

MSRP $46,695
Discount $7,714
Price $38,981 (before rebates)
Available rebates:
Lease Credit $2500
Loyalty Rebate $2500
College Grad $1000
USAA $500
Residual 24 months 60%
30 months 57%
36 months 54%
These are based on 15k miles per year
for 12k miles add 2%
for 10k miles add 3%

MF 0.00208 (just a little love for finance guys) 700+ credit score
acquisition fee $925
Mileage charges $1025
only transfer fee $30
Doc fee $85

calculate your own lease or let me know what rebates you qualify for, and what terms you are interested in and I will calculate it for you.

Call or text (818)210-8794


Region? …


as long as you come and sign in person, you can be from anywhere


If this is with $0 down/ drive offs. 45k/3 years then it is an insane deal.
Am I missing something?


What is the $386/mo payment based on? What terms, rebates required and the due at signing amount?


I removed the monthly payment from your title until you state the terms/requirements to reach that number.


Its super frustrating you dont put monthly in your title/body.

Just put it in and let people know the cost of the qualifications.


Agree with the above. For everyone’s sake, please update your posts so the monthly is in the title. Much better than asking everyone to pull out their calculators and figure out what the deal actually looks like. You can assume whatever rebates you want to calculate it as long as you mention them in your post.


Not a bad deal at 16.5% off albeit we have seen dealer initiated offers up to 21% here for a NEW 430 car.
NEW 430


looks like newly registered broker


Yes, but more is better. Some of the older ones became very rude in PM.


I was only mentioning it because some others weren’t happy with the way the details were posted, could be because broker is new and it’s the first deal post and doesn’t know better. Or could be deliberate, only time will tell.


I think it is the newbie thing, let’s give him some slack. But it would be also better if he can posts deals which are better than just picked from the website of the dealer.


most people wont qualify for all three:
Loyalty Rebate $2500
College Grad $1000
USAA $500

This is the typical dealer trick to make payment look cheap when 90% of people wont qualify for it. Stuff like that won’t fly on LH, my guess is this broker isn’t going to be around for long unless he posts something worthwhile.


Don’t link that post as something to be followed. It’s a unicorn deal and won’t happen again.


Good deal but FAR from a unicorn.


Did you spike your coffee this morning? Please ignore Trato.


I have to disagree with you on that. I rather let the client’s know all the rebates which they can qualify for. I didn’t advertise a payment using all the rebates. I let you know what is available and you can use the information to calculate the payment. I actually got a lot of people saying why there is no drive off or payment on this post and the reason for it is that every lease is different depending on term, miles, rebate, taxes, and drive off!


as 305hakr mention, there is no way to know what you would need in your lease and what you can qualify for. It can change base on your need and qualification


The 16.5% is not with the rebates. There is not that much money in new cars. I don’t see a dealer being able to stay in business selling cars with 21% discount. the difference between invoice to MSRP is about 6% and to be aggressive on deals we can go as much as 10% on NEW cars. Demo cars will have larger dealer discount.