2019 BMW 430i Gran Coupe Loaner (must qualify)



You’re stating* the obvious. Please make sure your posts include the monthly and DAS in the title, and you can also state additional incentives people may qualify for in the body of your post that could make the monthly even lower. Or you can create a single marketplace thread with all of your deals. Standard practice for LH brokers


I would include the mileage and does the posted RV include the mileage penalty?


I do currently have 4 of these 2019 BMW 430 Demo in stock. I also have a couple X1, a few X3, and one 330i. Please let me know what you are looking for and I be happy to share with you the discount I can offer as well as the programs available.


@GAngellBMW is a BMW dealer.


Will you please explain a little more? If I am understanding you correctly, you are saying base a monthly payment with the lease amount of rebates available then mention if they qualify for the extra rebates, the payment will go down?
Also what term and miles per year would you recommend?
drive off? or zero?


The demo cars have some miles. Some dealers include the mileage as an added cost. Some dealers adjust into the residual value of the car. We structure our leases with the same residual value as a new car and add the miles as a charge at .25 cents per miles (first 500 don’t count). so the current miles minus 500 miles times .25 will add up to the mileage charge added to the lease structure.


Correct. Take a look at what other brokers do. You can make whatever standard assumptions you want.

For example:

2018 BMW 330i $308/mo + $1,500 DAS | $44k MSRP (includes loyalty) - SoCal

And in the body of your post, you can list MF, RV, etc, which incentives are included, term (ie 10k/24mo) and any additional incentives that could be applied to drive the price down (ie college grad, military)



Thanks for the info.

Do any of the users here actually use the calculator on leasehackr? I find it a very useful tool. Now, even when I am not in my office and I need to structure a lease, I get on leasekackr and use it. One of my favorite things on leasehackr for sure.


Yep, most brokers and pretty much all users do. Using it will show transparency and help your forum reputation tremendously.


Thx… what are “some” miles? You should include it in the post. You actually hurting yourself by not outlining how the mileage is being applied which in this case is impacting your total discount since most brokers here are reducing the residual.


You are absolutely right. This car has 4,673 miles